Reducing Risk and Improving Outcomes

SPH Medical RoWalker
The RoWalker improves outcomes and reduces patient falls.
  • 400lb capacity
  • Seat flaps that rotate up and out
  • Oxygen Tank
  • IV Pole Holder
  • Basket for Monitor
  • Ambulation harness
  • Height Adjustable padded table
  • Comfortable adjustable hand grips

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Breathable Sheet for Repositioning
  • Prevent Pressure Ulcers and Reduce Injuries
  • Use for Boosting, turning, and transfers
  • Safe for patients' skin
  • Pressure mapping validation
  • Single Patient Use
  • 1000 lbs up to 1250 lbs capacity
  • Universal lift compatibility

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Improve Safety with the EPD!

  • Used in L&D, OR's, pain management centers and outpatient surgery worldwide
  • Improved speed and accuracy of placement
  • Perfect positioning of patients
  • Improve patient safety
  • Reduced risk to staff when positioning patients
  • 600 lbs capacity
  • Powered and manual options

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Safe Lateral Transfers
The AirPal Single Patient Stay transfer pad provides the safest transfer possible
  • Improve staff morale and efficiency
  • Dramatically reduce staff injuries (MSDs)
  • Reduce worker’s compensation costs
  • Increase patient comfort
  • Enhance infection control
  • Lower cost per patient
  • Ideal for OR, Imaging, ED, ICU, Med Surg, and compatible with all manufacturer air supplies
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EVADrive is Here!
The EVADrive is the safest patient lift available today and provides:
  • Power Drive
  • Elimination of push-pull forces
  • Reposition patients up in bed
  • Turn with heavy patients in tight spaces
  • Also Available as an upgrade kit
  • 600lb and 450lb lifting capacities
  • Long life Lithium Ion battery
  • Over 220 slings and accessories
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Hospital Risk Assessment
The Risk Assessment is a process of evaluating a hospital or patient care environment for possible hazards that may present a risk of injury to staff or patients. Our unique assessment process is based upon best practices developed by the VA and years of experience working with hospitals to reduce injuries.
Overhead Lift System Design
SPH Medical combines the clinical understanding of patient care and Safe Patient Handling best practices with the experience of overhead lift system design. We develop the appropriate solution optimizing the functionality of the lift system to address a wide range of patient care tasks.
Turn-Key Installation
With 10+ years in the industry, our experienced design and installation team provides complete end-to-end design construction and structural engineering services with OSHPD submittal package development to expedite the installation of your patient lift systems.
Return on Investment
Over the past 10 years research from the VA Patient Center of Inquiry, OSHA, NIOSH, and many others has confirmed that the implementation of a Safe Patient Program offers considerable cost savings and a tangible Return on Investment. The benefits can be realized in several key areas.

Keeping Staff and Patients Safe in OR and Radiology with the EPD

  01 May 2019    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment

The EPD and E-EPD were developed to reduce the risk of injuries and improve safety among staff and patients. By implementing the use of EPDs, hospitals can actively protect their staff and improve patient outcomes. Safe Patient Handling EPDs are used in numerous medical settings including labor and delivery, general surgery, operating rooms, anesthesiology, radiology […]

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Overweight Patients and Epidurals

  04 Feb 2019    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment

Obesity is a global epidemic. It is estimated that over 50% of pregnant woman in the United States are overweight or obese. Compared to normal weight patients, an obese patient is more prone to a number of complications during pregnancy and delivery including higher rates of cesarean section. And with c-sections, comes the administration of epidurals. via Shutterstock […]

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Implementing an Early Patient Mobility Protocol

  04 Dec 2018    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has published a facilitator guide for developing and implementing your own nursing-driven Early Patient Mobility Protocol. The powerpoint version of the facilitator guide can be found at on the RoWalker page. The RoWalker is unique because it not only provides the platform upon which to build your […]

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Banner Health installs SPH Medical patient lifts in Banner University Medical Center Projects

  31 Oct 2018    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment Banner Health is opening their state of the art hospital in downtown Phoenix, Arizona equipped with the latest Safe Patient Handling solutions from SPH Medical to reduce risk of injury to staff and to improve patient care. Banner University Medical Center Phoenix has incorporated overhead ceiling lifts in approximately half of the rooms of […]

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New Cost Effective Overhead Patient Lifts for California

  19 Feb 2018    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment

With the recent structural engineering details approval by OSHPD we now offer a the largest overhead patient lift system portfolio accessible to California Hospitals.  The “OPM” issued on February 1st, 20018 offers several cost effective installation methods and a wide range of lifting capacities from 300 lbs to 1000 lbs.   Overhead patient lifting systems […]

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UV Light used to protect NICU patients

  02 Feb 2018    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment

UV Technology is being used to disinfect phones, tablets, stethoscopes and more to help protect NICU patients at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital.  They purchased 5 UV Boxes to add to each of their hand washing stations for caregivers and visitors to use.  Author Luanne Rife covers the ease of use success of this simple and […]

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Hospital saves $360,000 with AUVS – UV Box

  23 Oct 2017    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment

SPH Medical offers hospitals the ability to disinfect mobile phones, tablets and more with the UV Box.  Some hospitals have reported cost savings of $360,000 annually by eliminating disposable lead wires and cables.  This cost savings does not include the savings of reducing Hospital Acquired Infections which is estimated at approximately $15,000 per infection. DECONTAMINATE […]

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Protecting NICU patients from MRSA

  19 Aug 2017    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment

In a recent study published in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, Dr. Goldstein concluded that even if hospital workers practice perfect hand hygiene, MRSA can still spread among babies in the NICU. Is this true?  Does handwashing not work?  According to the study, even with theoretical perfect handwashing compliance, the averaged risk of transmission is only reduced by […]

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Mobile Devices Threaten Patient Safety

  12 Jul 2017    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment

In a well written article published in Infection Control Today, author Kelly M. Pyrek explores the risks that mobile devices are creating for patients and cites evidence from several key studies that we should be concerned and doing more to decontaminate these mobile devices. Mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices are potential transport mechanisms […]

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CDC and NiOSH – Safe Patient Handling is a priority

  24 May 2017    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment

Nurses continue to be injured at an alarming rate compared to other professions. With an increasing retirement population of baby boomers and now skilled nurses leaving the workforce for retirement our hospitals are facing a knowledge and skill gap that is difficult to replace. Safe Patient Handling efforts by many hospitals have allowed Nurses to […]

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About Us SPH Medical is a leading provider of Safe Patient Handling and Early Mobility solutions designed to help facilities and caregivers address the high risks tasks of manual patient handling. Additional areas of focus include helping facilities reduce Hospital Acquired Infections and Pressure Ulcers. Our mission is to eliminate adverse events and improve patient care outcomes through the products and services we provide. SPH Medical offers the broadest and most comprehensive safe patient handling equipment portfolio in the industry. This broad spectrum of solutions and injury prevention consulting expertise provides you with a single source for all your lifting, transferring, repositioning, bariatric, raising, and patient mobilization needs.