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SPH Medical offers specialized sourcing of critical supplies to hospitals and health systems that help address gaps in supply and backorders from traditional distribution that can put their patients at risk.  Whatever the product need is, SPH Medical is a trusted partner that delivers.  Contact us today to discuss your critical supply needs.

Physical Therapists are supportive of Safe Patient Handling to promote functional improvement without risk of injury
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Epidural and spinal block safety improved with EPD by SPH Medical
CategoriesPatient Handling

Unveiling the Epidural Positioning Device: A Game-Changer in Surgical Settings

In the ever-evolving landscape of surgical procedures, SPH Medical's Epidural Positioning Device (EPD) stands as a beacon of innovation and…
RoWalker and Platform Walkers XL Walker and Rise and Go support Early Mobility
CategoriesPatient Handling

The Evolution of Early Patient Mobility and the Role of Platform Walkers

Early patient mobility in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and rehabilitation settings has been a focus of medical research for several…
Improve Patient and Staff safety with the EPD
CategoriesPatient Handling

Epidural Chair Safety in Labor and Delivery Hospital Units

Introducing the Unparalleled Epidural Positioning Device In the realm of labor and delivery, precision, comfort, and safety are paramount. Rising…
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