SPH Medical is a leading provider of solutions focused on reducing risk of injury to patient handling staff, and reducing hospital acquired infections and pressure ulcers. By offering clinical education and consulting services combined with the latest technology in assistive solutions we are helping facilities and caregivers address these areas of risk within their facilities.

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Epidural Positioning Device – Resource Page

Please refer to this page often for new tools and resources related to our Epidural Positioning Devices.  Please contact us to talk to one of our consultants about how the EPD can improve patient safety.   Email us at info@sphmedical.com or call 1-844-3-SPHMED.


Download the E-EPD and EPD Brochures here:

Click above for E-EPD Brochure


Click above for EPD Brochure

View the EPD Value Analysis – A Strategic Guide to Budget Approval:

Click to Download the Value Analysis Guide


EPD 2 Quick Start Guide:

Inservice Video for the EPD:

Learn the difference between the two available EPD models:


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