Geo-Mattress UltraMax

When searching for the best mattress for pressure redistribution in hospital replacement mattresses, look no further than the Geo-Mattress UltraMax! This is the go-to high performance mattress that fits any bed frame and boasts a 500lb weight capacity with an 8 year prorated warranty! It even fits on those recessed bed frames like the Versacare. Read on to learn more about the SPH Medical Geo-Mattress UltraMax and how it is redefining hospital replacement mattresses. Watch the video and then request a quote today!


It may be time to replace your hospital mattresses with a new surface to improve patient care. Introducing the Geo-Mattress UltraMax, the superior reactive surface choice for acute care hospital environments. Span-America has designed the next-generation mattress to exceed the most rigorous requirements for support and comfort. The Geo-Mattress UltraMax is crafted with 3-Dimensional Zoning™ technology which provides anatomically tuned levels of cushioning and support tailored to the user’s body shape.

This innovative surface is built with superior elements inside and out. From its unique Reactive Surface Features to its flexible yet durable protective outside layer, every detail was carefully considered with the patient and nurse in mind. It was designed to aid in pressure redistribution so wounds can heal faster and more effectively – a key asset for any wound care nurse or medical practitioner who needs to ensure patient health.

The Geo-Mattress UltraMax – an ultra high performance mattress designed to provide extreme comfort, anatomically-calibrated levels of support and immersion throughout the surface. Featuring 3-Dimensional Zoning™ with a robust seat section constructed with UHP 500 Foam, specially made for the UltraMax™, it boasts unmatched protection against “bottoming out”. Perfectly suited for patients and their nurses that may be exposed to repeated head of bed elevating and concentrated weight stresses. Patients will experience unparalleled comfort with every shift.

The Geo-Mattress® UltraMax™ is the perfect choice for nurses and doctors working in the field of wound care. Featuring a unique cellular structure, UHP 500 provides resiliency, recovery and comfort unparalleled by other hospital replacement mattresses and support surfaces.

The mattress includes a segmented top surface which rides on a strong foundation of Geo-Matt®, extending further protection from shearing with its Shear Transfer Zone® design. The Shear Transfer Zone® consists of silicone-coated fabric bands located at anchor points on the underside of the bi-directional stretch cover.

How does Shear Transfer Zone® design help?

  • By transferring harmful shear to more shear-tolerant locations, it helps protect against micro shear, macro shear, rotational (pivot-induced) shear.
  • The Shear Transfer Zone design prevents heels, sacrum, and scapula from “digging into” the surface.
  • And when positioned at various heights by motorized beds or load redistribution techniques, the UltraMax™ glides patients back to the original position after HOB elevation.

Between its unrivaled cellular structure, robust construction and scientific engineering principles, the Geo-Mattress ® UltraMax™ is designed to provide your patients with superior comfort and quality care.

Our advanced mattress technology is designed to deliver comfort, support, and enhanced disinfection capabilities all in one package. This mattress is unlike any other, boasting a unique anti-microbial bi-directional stretch cover made with our expertly created LifeSpan® fabric.

LifeSpan® is born from the most sophisticated technology available today, offering unyielding durability, outstanding cleanability and unbeatable chemical resistance against breakdown caused by the likes of bleach and other harsh disinfectants. Our polycarbonate-fortified coating keeps your mattress safe and sound even in the toughest healthcare environments.

GeoMax is also available for the Hill Rom Versacare bed frame and other recessed decks!

The Geo-Mattress UltraMax is designed to accommodate recessed deck beds, with a patented design that facilitates its use in healthcare settings. V-shaped edges create an ergonomic fit, while the compressible section allows for varying lengths and positions. UltraMax comes in a recessed deck model

From a patient safety perspective, our engineers have designed a ‘cradle’ effect with an inner bolster on the bed’s edge which creates a sense of safety by directing the patient’s center of gravity back towards the center. This construction ensures optimal comfort during resting as well as when transferring or repositioning patients.  We have included two sturdy fabric handles for safe and easy handling by hospital staff.

The Geo-Mattress® UltraMax™ has a weight limit of 500 lbs which means it supports the majority of all patients in the hospital.

The mattress includes an 8 year non-prorated warranty that includes all components. This extensive warranty ensures that your purchase will stand the test of time.

In addition, the UltraMax™ Recessed Deck Model has the same weight limit and warranty specifications as Standard UltraMax™, making it even more dependable for long-term use.  With its 24 lb mattress weight, hospital staff can easily carry and move it around easily as needed.

The Geo-Mattress® UltraMax™ is perfect for nurses, wound care nurses and doctors alike due to its superior comfort, design and durability.

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