Where are the gaps in your Infection Prevention Protocol?

High-touch medical and non-medical devices— known agents of cross-contamination—move freely around your hospital and commonly go un-sanitized.

Disinfecting robots are used in unoccupied rooms; High-touch devices, carried in and out of the room, are not present and so are not sanitized. Wipes used super cially do not achieve the desired result.

Failure to properly treat these mobile devices represents a dangerous gap that must be addressed to control HAI’s and SSI’s.

Bleach and Chemicals Damage Medical Equipment

The service life of expensive medical equipment is frequently and dramatically reduced by wipe and spray-related damage. This includes electronics, casing and screen damage. LED screen clouding can easily render a device unusable. This problem can cost your hospital tens of thousands of dollars in premature equipment replacement.

Safely Sanitize Medical and Non-Medical Devices Without Equipment or Screen Damage:

  • Stethoscopes
  • Blood Pressure Cuffs
  • Cell Phones
  • Small Tablets
  • Nurse Calls
  • Call Cords
  • TV Remote Controls • Pillow Speakers

Since the UV Box can safely reside bedside in patient rooms, be placed at nurses’ stations or move around hospital units, the UV Box essentially puts the solution at the source of the problem.

EKG Wires
• Laryngoscope Handles
• Blood Glucose Meters
• Electric Thermometers • Oximeter Sensors
• Vacuum Regulators
• Ultrasound Transducers • And More!

Download the UV Box Brochure Here.

The UV Box can be deployed anywhere – Simple and Easy to use.

The UV Box - Disinfect anything rapidly

“The UV Box is automatic, providing consistent results. It is simple to use, with no learning curve. It is less expensive than germicidal wipes and sprays and won’t damage equipment.”
Dr. Peter Papadakos, MD

One Safe and Economical Solution is available today, Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems—led by on of the foremost experts on microbial UV radiation as a sanitizing agent—is addressing these issues with the UV Box Germicidal Enclosure.

Watch the The UV Box introduction video:

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