MedCare Walking Sling

The Medcare Walking Sling by SPH Medical is truly the most advanced walking harness used by nurses and physical therapists to mobilize patients safely. The comfort and adjustability are unmatched when compared to other walking slings or vests available on the market. With a standard weight capacity of 600 lbs for all sizes you can mobilize everyone from Small to Bariatric patients safely.

The Walking Sling is available in six sizes which include Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, and Bariatric. The color coding chart below and corresponding sizing chart will help you select the appropriate size for your patient. Of course with a wide variety of body types out there the sling measurements should be used as a guide only and the best fit should be determined by the caregiver working with the patient.


Designed by Physical Therapists for Therapists the advanced MedCare Walking Sling offers the comfort, support, and adjustability to mobilize your patients safely.

Walking Vest Features

  • Constructed from polyester that will not rip called RipStop Polyester.
  • Harness includes non-slip fabric that keeps the belt in a low position without riding up.
  • Fabric construction allows a slight stretch to enable a contoured fit for many body types.
  • Built in antimicrobial technology prevents the grown of fungus, mold, and mildew reducing risk of stains and odors.
  • Universal Connection with 4 point sling bars or 2 point sling bars that use a hook and loop connection for both overhead lifts and mobile lifts.
  • High level of adjustability enables you to customize the fit for each patient.
  • The leg harnesses are detachable and can be easily removed or added.
  • This advanced Walking Vest prevents groin discomfort that is seen by other walking vests or slings.
  • There are handles around the Walking Vest that enable caregiver assistance and guidance if needed.
  • All sizes offer a 600 pound weight capacity.

MedCare Walking Sling Sizing and Fit:

Vest Size / Color / Part No. / Waist Size (vest) / Leg Size (strap)

  • Small / Black / SPH-402510 / 26-36 inches / 12-24 inches
  • Medium / Blue / SPH-402511 / 36-48 inches / 18-30 inches
  • Large / Yellow / SPH-402512 / 48-60 inches / 24-36 inches
  • X-Large / White / SPH-402513 / 60-72 inches / 30-42 inches
  • XX-Large / Red / SPH-402514 / 72-84 inches / 36-48 inches
  • Bariatric / Purple / SPH-402515 / 84-96 inches / 42-54 inches

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