Universal Disposable Highback Sling


The Universal Disposable Highback Sling is an easy to use patient-specific lifting sling that can be used on mobile or overhead patient lifts. The multipurpose sling design provides toileting access, adequate trunk support, as well as offering full head support.

The sling can be used for all sizes of patients with all sizes supporting 1000 lbs. Each sling has color coded binding around the outside of the sling for easy size identification. The sling also has an integrated head support for added comfort and stability. The Universal Disposable Sling is easy to use and provides a safe and comfortable way to lift and transfer patients.

Sling Sizes:

  • Small SPH-547050
  • Medium SPH-547060
  • Large SPH-547070
  • XL SPH-547080


In hospitals, disposable slings are a critical tool for patient care. They allow healthcare professionals to safely lift and transfer patients, preventing injuries to both the patient and the staff. However, these slings must be used properly in order to maintain their effectiveness.

Before using a disposable sling, it is important to inspect it for any rips or tears that could potentially cause the sling to break during use. It is also important to properly fit the sling under the patient and secure it before lifting them. This ensures that the patient is comfortable and supported during the transfer process.

Hospitals typically have policies in place for disposing of used slings in accordance with infection control protocols. It is important for staff members to follow these guidelines to prevent the spread of germs and potential infections.

While disposable slings may seem like a small detail in a hospital setting, they play a crucial role in ensuring safe and effective patient care. SPH Medical supports Hospitals and Healthcare facilities by providing a complete line of fabric slings and disposable slings. We keep single patient use slings in inventory so your nurses and caregivers have access to the critical supplies they need to reduce risk of injury while mobilizing, lifting, moving, and transferring patients safely.

The sling leg straps can be applied in two ways:

  • Divided Leg Crossover – This application provides optimum comfort and security for the patient. The Leg loops are crossed between individual’s thighs before passing leg straps through them.
  • Closed Leg – The patients legs Individual’s legs are together before passing leg straps under them. Leg loops are crossed under both of the patients’ thighs. This application keeps the legs together.

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