Quick Easy Effective:

  • Disinfect Larger Items including Laptops, Keyboards and RF Devices
  • Disinfect More Handheld Items in a Single Cycle including Multiple Tablets, Cell Phones, PPE and More
  • Proven UV-C Germicidal Energy Destroys Bacteria, Spores and Viruses including Coronavirus
  • Adjustable Cycle Times with our Computer-Operated System or Use Pre-Set Cycle Times from 30 to 150-Seconds with Our Standard System
  • Environmentally Friendly: Chemical Free
  • Produces No Waste Products; No Harmful Odors
  • Based on Our Technology Protecting the Pentagon from Bio-Terrorism
  • Designed and Made in The USA


The SPH Medical UV Cube measures 31” x 31” x 31”. SPH Medical has been receiving requests for a larger disinfection device since the success of the UV Box. The UV Cube is AUVS’ largest Germicidal Enclosure. This Cube enables high-volume disinfection and the ability to disinfect larger items rapidly and frequently with maximum efficacy.

With hospitals and businesses needing to reduce risks of infection and cross contamination the UV Cube is the ideal solution. The mobile cart allows the Cube to move anywhere throughout the facility.

Cycle Times are Customizable or you can use standard presets of 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150 seconds.

The UV Cube Technology is the same advanced disinfection UVC Photon Trap technology that was developed by Dr. Wayne Clark for the for the United States Department of Defense as part of the “Immune Building Program” to protect against bio agent attacks. This technology was researched and developed through a DARPA grant and is currently installed in the HVAC of the United States Pentagon providing air sterilization. The “UV Box” and now the “UV CUBE” uses the same technology based on photon multiplication that uses a low energy UV to achieve the killing efficacy for C.difficile spores, COVID-19, and other potentially deadly pathogens.

What is a Photon Trap?
Working off the principle that a photon can never be at rest, the Photon Trap uses highly reflective mirrors causing the photon to bounce back-and-forth many times before escaping or being absorbed.
This process of essentially trapping the photon for about nanosecond dramatically increases the UV irradiance and the associated germicidal effect.

Is this safe for electronics?
Dr. Wayne Clark, a PhD in electrical engineering, plasma physics and nuclear engineering with a 30-year career and expertise in germicidal UV. Dr. Clark concludes that there will not be any negative effect on electronics or loss of data when using the UV CUBE or the UV Box.

N95 Mask Disinfection
Given the continued supply chain issues facing the United States many hospitals are still experiencing shortages of key supplies. SPH Medical is implementing UVC disinfection systems nationally to help rapidly disinfect critical supplies such as N95 Masks so they can be safely reused. The rapid disinfection capability of the UV CUBE to achieve high levels of disinfection has attracted the interest of health systems nationally.

Watch the UV Cube video

How to wear a mask properly from Johns Hopkins.

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The UV Cube Standard


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