GCD Germicidal Ceiling Mounted UVC Disinfection


• Direct germicidal 254nm UVC irradiation for unoccupied rooms – hangs in the corner where the wall meets the ceiling
• Low-wattage, ozone-free GUVT8 lamp reduces airborne pathogens
• Electronic ballast specifically matched to lamps for optimal performance and lifetime
• For safety, reverse occupancy sensor powers off the unit when a person is detected in the occupancy zone. Unit powers back on when area is unoccupied
• Easy re-lamping process
• Wireguard comes standard for added safety


Suitable for most commercial and institutional applications when space is unoccupied

• Lobbies
• Offices
• Bathrooms
• Hotels
• Retail


GCD Germicidal Ceiling Mounted UVC Disinfection product information provided below. For purchasing quote contact SPH Medical.


  • Housing constructed of durable cold rolled steel with a silver (standard), white or black powder coat finish
  • Stainless steel housing optional
  • Polished aluminum reflector optimized


  • UL 1598 listed for US and Canada
  • IEC 62471


  • 3 year limited system warranty – excludes lamps
  • Lamps covered under manufacturer warranty

Predicted Lifetime:

  • Lamp life: 18,000 hours

Radiometric Data:

  • GCD 4 1 36 GUVT8 UNV
  • Test No.: LLIA001321-001
  • UV-C Watts per Lamp: 14,415 mW (15,500 mW with 0.93 BF)
  • Luminaire UV-C Watts: 11,757 mW
  • Total Luminaire Efficiency: 91.6%
  • Luminaire Input Watts: 41.6W

For more information on purchasing the ceiling mounted UVC disinfection contact SPH Medical.

The CDC has confirmed that UV Disinfection has been proven to kill viruses and bacteria.  This is a proven technology that has been deployed in hospitals for years.  SPH Medical has implemented targeted UV disinfection systems to assist with terminal cleaning of hospital rooms after the patient has been discharged.  Today we are deploying ceiling mounted UV Disinfection in a wide variety of healthcare facilities and businesses to ensure that employees, patients and customers have a safe work environment.

IUVA, which is the International Ultraviolet Association, is a good resource for factual data about the commercial and personal use of ultraviolet light use for disinfection.  You can find a helpful resource guide for the selection of UV light disinfection systems for surfaces and air on their website here.

Please note that real UVC disinfection systems are not recommended for human skin disinfection!  There is good reason for this.  The light intensity used to inactivate SARS-COV-2 or COVID-19 is typically strong enough to cause burns, skin cancer, or eye damage.  For this reason you find motion detection or “reverse occupancy sensors” for safety in our commercial ceiling mounted UV disinfection lighting systems that automatically turn off for safety when people are nearby.

SPH Medical Ceiling Mount UV Light Data

SPH Medical UVC Ceiling Mount Schematic