OXYdiff is used in hospitals to kill pathogens: C. diff, MRSA, and COVID-19.

OXYdiff is a broad-spectrum disinfectant that is EPA approved to kill Clostridium difficile spores in two minutes. It also kills a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and molds. Unlike bleach, it is non-corrosive and does not need to be washed away after application to surfaces, and personnel using it do not need to wear protective equipment. It costs about the same as other disinfectants, but it may be cheaper to use than most other alternatives because its ease of application reduces personnel and safety equipment costs.


Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections with OXYdiff

Hospital-acquired C. difficile infections cost hospitals more than $5 billion in excess costs each year. Preventing the spread of C. difficile is quite difficult. The primary symptom is severe diarrhea, and any surface that is exposed to even a minute amount of stool can become contaminated with spores. The spores can survive for up to 5 months on any surface and some scientists report spores living up to a year. Anyone touching a contaminated surface can then transmit the spores to other people and other surfaces through simple physical contact. OXYdiff can kill viruses like Covid-19 in 30 seconds and C. diff in 2 minutes.

The spores are unaffected by alcohol and are thus unresponsive to standard hand sanitizers. They are also remarkably resistant to washing with soap and water. They do succumb to bleach, but it is corrosive and has to be washed away after use, and personnel have to wear protective equipment while using bleach for disinfection. Bleach is not safe for people and is not ideal for patient care environments.

OXYdiff offers unique application benefits over other disinfectant; you can spray it on with a spray bottle, use an electrostatic sprayer, or even use a fogger as part of this EPA approved disinfectant. Especially valuable is the 2 minute kill time for C. diff spores. Most viruses like Covid-19 are killed in 30 seconds.

Now OXYdiff has been granted a claim against “emerging pathogens”! This means that we don’t need to seek a new EPA approval when a new pathogen is discovered. We’ll provide back up testing but our product is already approved to kill all pathogens!

SPH Medical is a nationwide distributor of OXYdiff supporting hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare facilities, schools, airports and more to ensure that environmental disinfection occurs safely and effectively to protect everyone.

OXYdiff overcomes all of these problems. It can kill C. diff spores after only 2 minutes of exposure when applied at a concentration of 4 ounces per gallon of water. It is non-corrosive and non-toxic to humans. No rinsing or wiping! It does not need to be washed away or wiped up after application. It is mildly irritating to the eyes if they come into direct contact with it, but otherwise it is non-toxic and personnel do not need to use protective equipment other than hospital standard gloves and eye protection when applying it.

Spray it – Fog it – Kill it

OXYdiff gives you the fastest results with the highest efficacy in the industry without the rinsing wiping or residue left behind by other disinfectants. Avoid bleach and reduce the risk of infections for your staff, family, and patients.

OYXdiff is available by the case or in bulk for larger applications. Contact us today to get a quote.

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