EVA Mobility Walker Electric


The EVA Mobility Walker Electric is a Height Adjustable Platform Walker that has become one of the most reliable Early Mobility Walkers in history as a versatile and supportive ambulation aid designed for post-op patients during early walking exercises.

Caster Options and Pricing

  • Standard Casters: $4,300.00
  • Directional Casters: $4,400.00
  • Handbrake Casters: $4,650.00

Accessory Options and Pricing

  • Optional IV Pole with mounting bracket: $395.10
  • O2 tank holder (D & E Tank): $293.25
  • Front Basket with bracket: $295.25
  • Optional Push Button Handgrips: $416.70
  • Youth EVA Walker: $1750.00

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Introducing the EVA Mobility Walker with Electric Height Adjustment – the ultimate support for post-op patients during early walking exercises. Often referred to as a “Cardiac Walker,” this innovative mobility aid is designed to provide maximum comfort and stability, ensuring a safe and effective rehabilitation process. The pendant hand control makes the height adjustment a functional exercise to actively help patients stand. Also known as a “Cardiac Walker,” this innovative device offers electric height adjustment for optimal customized fit for each patient, ergonomic width-adjustable padded armrests, and durable construction to ensure maximum comfort and stability. Therapists and Nurses alike choose the EVA Mobility Walker as a reliable and comfortable solution to assists patients in regaining their mobility and independence. With Multiple options available you’ll be sure to find the right fit for your hospital or home care needs.

See below for Hospital, Home Care models with Electric Height Adjustment and the optional accessories. Request a Quote for EVA Mobility Walker Electric today!

EVA Walker Features:

  • Ergonomically designed padded, molded arm pads featuring sculpted forearm cutouts to prevent arms from sliding off
  • Width adjustable and easily cleaned arm pads, perfect for institutions with multiple users
  • Comfortable round-shaped, forward-facing handgrips for an improved ergonomic grip
  • Conveniently located height adjust lever mechanism under the front armrest support frame
  • Durable welded steel frame with baked epoxy enamel finish
  • Non-marring casters with step-on wheel locks
  • Adjustable width between armrests (12″-19″)
  • Step-on locking brakes on two rear casters (Handbrake model includes a locking brake on the hand grips)
  • Adult Electric adjusts from 36 1/2″ – 50″, accommodating users up to 6’5″/198cm tall
  • Includes standard handgrips
  • Weight capacity: 333 lbs.

Part Numbers and Descriptions:

Electric EVA Walker for Hospitals include the pendant hand control

  • Standard Casters (SPH83513)
  • Directional Casters (SPH83519)
  • Handbrake Casters (SPH83516)
  • Optional Push Button Handgrips (SPH83593) See image below

Electric EVA Walker for HOME includes pendant control

  • Standard Casters (SPH83562)
  • Directional Casters (SPH83563)
  • Handbrake Casters (SPH83570)

EVA Accessories:

  • Optional IV Pole with mounting bracket SPH83615
  • O2 tank holder: SPH83617
  • Front Basket with bracket: SPH83537

Choose the EVA Walker with Electric Height Adjustment for a reliable and comfortable solution to assist patients in regaining their mobility and independence.

Choose Directional Casters to help with steering. This is especially helpful in hospitals and rehabilitation centers when walking patients in a hallway.

EVA Electric Walkers with Directional Steering Casters

Steering Casters enhance the user’s ability to control the direction of the EVA Support Walker. Caster brakes are exclusively located on the front casters. The front brakes are engaged when helping a patient stand or get in or out of the walker. The rear casters are the directional locks that enable the walker to maintain a straight line when moving forward. This means that when engaged the rear casters lock in straight line with the frame and prevent the walker from drifting sideways. For some patients that have difficulty walking in a straight line this can be especially helpful! The locked casters can also be disengaged to enable a 360-degree swivel and tight turns. The caregiver can Step ON the rear casters to lock the wheels for directional tracking/ Then click the caster locks off to unlock the directional tracking.

Electric Version Specs:

The Electric EVA Platform Walker, designed to provide enhanced support and convenience for users. This battery-operated walker adjusts between 36 1/2″ and 50″, offering assistance to help users reach a standing position. With a lifting capacity of 220 lbs (100 kg), the walker comes with an independent pendant hand control that controls the raising and lowering function. Included are two 12v 2.9 rechargeable batteries for a 24V 2.7 Ah connection, providing up to 6 minutes of continuous use per hour and a minimum of 50 up/down movements between charges. It is recommended to charge the batteries once a week for 12 hours. The package comes with batteries, a charger, and a 100-240v charger that is CUS, CSA, and TO,8A compliant. The walker has a weight capacity of 333 lbs. Please note that push-button up/down handgrips are available as an option for the Electric EVA Platform Walker and must be purchased separately.

SPH Medical EVA Platform Walker optional Basket and Hand Grip Controls

The EVA Platform Walker offers unparalleled support and comfort to post-op patients during their early walking exercises. Its adjustable features and ergonomic design ensure a customizable experience tailored to individual needs, promoting safe patient handling and effective rehabilitation. Don’t miss out on this innovative mobility aid that fosters independence and confidence in patients during their recovery journey. Order your EVA Walker today through SPH Medical, your trusted partner in early patient mobility and safe patient handling solutions. Experience the benefits of the EVA Walker and invest in the well-being of patients by working with SPH Medical to mobilize your patients.

Purchase the EVA Walker for your hospital or care facility today request a quote for multiple units and submit a Purchase Order.

Note: Estimated shipping and delivery dates will be provided after your order has been placed and accepted.

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