Sit to Stand Disposable Belt

The Sit to Stand Belt is a disposable, single-patient use belt that is used for safe patient handling during sit to stand transfers. The belt is made of reinforced, color-coded straps that allow for easy adjustment and safety. The Medcare Sit to Stand Belt is intended for use with patients that can bear weight and who have more consistent and reliable motor function.


The single patient use Sit to Stand Disposable Belt is designed to be used by one patient and then discarded when no longer needed. Safe patient handling is essential when performing sit to stand transfers, and the Medcare Sit to Stand Belt can help ensure a safe transfer for both the patient and the caregiver.

  • SPH600078-10 Small Disposable Belt (Case)
  • SPH600080-10 Medium Disposable Belt (Case)
  • SPH600082-10 Large Disposable Belt (Case)
  • SPH600084-10 Extra Large Disposable Belt (Case)