Air Transfer System Cart

A Mobile Storage System for the SPH Medical Air Powered Lateral Patient Transfer system

We understand how important it is to make your Air Transfer System accessible and available throughout the facility. You want staff to use the Air Transfer System and it needs to move quickly to the right location. The Air Transfer System CART is a mobile storage unit that makes your transfer system readily available in seconds. We have incorporated a proven cart design for maximum stability while minimizing space. The CART’s components require no tools! The Cart is easy to move and simple to maintain and disinfect using standard hospital wipes or spray disinfectants.


Air Transfer System CART

Keep your Air Transfer System together and at your fingertips. Made with the highest quality hospital-grade components, the Air Transfer System CART will last for a very long time. Just what you’d expect from SPH Medical!

The Pre-Configured CART Options:

  • Part Number: SPHCART-1 (Folding Cart).


  • Proven design
  • 4 casters for stability
  • Moves easily in any direction.
  • Modular components offer flexibility in configuration and quick adjustment.
  • Minimized surface areas and removable storage basket(s) simplifies cleaning and maintenance.
  • High-quality materials and construction.


  • Small storage “footprint”.
  • Protects the Air Transfer System system from component loss and damage.
  • Exceptional utility and convenience.
  • FOLDABLE and Configurable to the needs of your facility.
  • Reduces risk of cross- contamination.
  • Long service life.