PressureGuard Custom Care Convertible

SPH Medical provides replacement hospital mattresses to hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide to improve patient care and prevent pressure ulcers. The Custom Care convertible is perhaps the most successful of all replacement hospital mattresses developed because of its versatility and ease of use. Read on to find out more details about the SPH Medical PressureGuard Custom Convertible, watch the video, and request a quote!


Introducing the SPH Medical PRESSUREGUARD® CUSTOM CARE® CONVERTIBLE, the latest in healthcare technology from Span-America. This next-generation PressureGuard series offers unmatched flexibility – both Custom Care Convertible models can easily be converted to a powered surface with the simple addition of a control unit. As a result, this groundbreaking product can help healthcare workers significantly cut down on costly rentals.

The PRESSUREGUARD® CUSTOM CARE® CONVERTIBLE is the perfect choice for nurses, wound care experts, and healthcare facilities who are looking to standardized on a pressure redistribution and pressure reducing surface. This highly advanced and specialized mattress is designed to provide comfort and care with its clinical features such as the Geo-Matt style foam topper, head-to-foot cylinders for better pressure relief and Heel Slope which transfers some load to shear tolerant calves. Additionally, this product features an easy conversion to a powered surface with a simple addition of control unit. It also includes a unique Polycarbonate-fortified LifeSpan® cover that is cleanable which keeps the mattress healthy while offering overall stability. There is also the one-piece quiet control unit that provides push button therapy selection with alternating pressure, lateral rotation and timed auto-firm functions – all helping to ensure enhanced comfort and improved user compliance throughout its long lasting lifespan. With these amazing features, it’s no wonder why healthcare professionals choose PRESSUREGUARD® CUSTOM CARE® CONVERTIBLE when selecting an optimal solution for their patients’ care needs.

The PRESSUREGUARD® CUSTOM CARE® CONVERTIBLE series is a revolutionary pressure redistribution surface that helps healthcare professionals provide patient care of the highest standard. This mattress is designed to work seamlessly with both flat deck and recessed deck frames, making it ideal for use in hospitals and other care facilities. With an impressive 500-pound weight limit in non-powered mode and up to 350 pounds in powered modes, the Custom Care Convertible is designed for maximum strength and reliability in any situation.

The mattress itself weighs approximately 24 pounds when settings are excluded, along with a 5-year non-prorated warranty on the mattress and 2-year non-prorated warranty on the control unit, ensuring ultimate peace of mind. Its 7” height provides additional support, allowing patients extended comfort. This product from PRESSUREGUARD® should provide just the solution you’re looking for when providing quality care for your patients facility wide.

Introducing PRESSUREGUARD® CUSTOM CARE® CONVERTIBLE Recessed Deck Model, designed to bring the advanced technology of our span surfaces to recessed deck beds. Our highly skilled engineers have developed this special version of the Custom Care Convertible that perfectly fits these frames, with its v-shaped edges providing a snug fit for superior support and comfort. Additionally, our patent-pending design creates an inner bolster “cradle” effect when a patient is situated on the bed’s edge, thus directing their center of gravity back towards the center of the bed for optimal safety. This mattress is efficiently compressible, allowing you to adjust it to multiple lengths and foot positions while still maintaining superior support and comfort.
Healthcare workers and nurses can rest assured knowing that their patients are being provided with well thought out solutions forged by extensive engineering experience. Request a quote for our PRESSUREGUARD® CUSTOM CARE® CONVERTIBLE today!

PressureGuard Custom Care Convertible Specification Details

  • Max Patient Weight: Non-powered up to 500 lbs, powered supports up to 350 lbs
  • 5 Year Mattress Warranty non-prorated.
  • 2 Year Warranty for the Control Unit non-prorated
  • The Mattress height is 7 inches
  • The mattress weight is Approximately 24 lbs which does not include the control unit

Note the Warranty and Weight limits for the Custom Care Convertible Recessed Deck Model are the same as the standard Custom Care Convertible.

SPH Medical provides specialty mattress replacements for any bed frame including the HillRom VersaCare® and Stryker frames.

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