PressureGuard Easy Air LAL and AP

The PressureGuard Easy Air mattress is part of a family of advanced hospital replacement mattresses that offer unparalleled performance and value. This cutting-edge mattress replacement features Low-Air-Loss Therapy and Alternating Pressure in one surface for optimal efficacy. The microclimate management, pressure redistribution and ability to control maceration are unmatched in the industry. Read more about the PressureGuard Easy Air hospital replacement mattresses, watch the video and request a quote today!


The new PressureGuard Easy Air mattress is designed with the best low-air-loss therapy performance available, to serve clinicians and protect patients. Its groundbreaking Air Diffusion Matrix technology and PressureGuard air/foam design ensure that it surpasses any other leading low-air-loss system in addressing skin maceration — all without compromising on comfort or safety.

This advanced mattress system uses an exclusive “Air Diffusion Matrix” Coverlet to maximize removal of excess moisture from patients’ skin in vapor form. The specially-designed fabric is not collapsible, allowing for a continuous flow of air beneath the user’s body, unlike other low air loss systems which cause the patient’s body to press directly onto air holes, cutting off the flow of air under the mattress cover. With this constant airflow and removal of surface moisture, PressureGuard Easy Air provides optimal patient comfort and superior wound healing management. All components are low shear/friction, allowing nurses to quickly move patients while also protecting fragile skin when repositioning.

The Geo-Matt topper is a revolutionary mattress topper designed to protect and relieve pressure from underlying tissues. Boasting more than 800 individual articulating cells, this innovative product ensures that the entire body is evenly and consistently supported during rest. Its 2″ depth helps effectively redistribute pressure, promoting better circulation and reduced heat and moisture build-up on contact surfaces. This can greatly minimize bedsore risk, providing you with the peace of mind that comes with optimal patient safety and care.

For extra assurance, Easy Air also comes with a few design details to improve patient safety, including functional stability during power outages, a surface that won’t “swallow up” users. In addition, the Safety Edge™ for support during patient transfers and getting patients out of bed safely.  The Safety Edge™ can help prevent falls by preventing the edge of the mattress from collapsing. The easy to use On/off button allows you to control both its air flow and alternating pressure features. Clinical staff will appreciate the ease of the setup, ease of use and ease of cleaning of this proven LAL and AP mattress.

Key Features:

  • The Head-to-Foot Cylinders: More effective pressure reduction than side-to- side cylinders in supine and 30 degree head elevated positions(3)
  • Geo-Matt:  Documented as effective as low air loss for prevention and for healing Stage I-II(1) and Documented nearly as effective as low air loss for healing Stage III-IV(1).
  • Side Bolsters: Resist compression, increases compliance with Bed Safety Guidelines. Patient safety from side rail entrapment and edge-of-bed sitting.(2)
  • Foam: The Foam sides and topper built into the mattress adds stability for patient independence, Activities of Daily Living and improve safety.
  • Heel Slope: A key component that is documented to decrease heel pressures by 27% on average compared to unsloped mattress surfaces.(4)

The PressureGuard® Easy Air® is designed to provide comfort, support, and pressure relief for individuals of sizes up to 500 lbs. The mattress relieves pressure on the skin with its low air loss system that inflates 4 separate air chambers enclosed in an engineered foam shell.

The mattress weighs only 22 lbs., making it easy for nurses or caregivers to deploy or transport as needed. The PressureGuard® Easy Air® comes with a 2-year non-prorated warranty for peace of mind, plus it is recognized for reimbursement under Medicare Code: E0277.

Whether you’re looking for higher performance or greater reliability in skin maceration resistance, PressureGuard Easy Air is your solution — a product validated by clinical research that offers none of the compromises.

Also available is the Easy Air XL for patients up to 1000 lbs and the Easy Air LR with Lateral Rotation!

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