Penetrexx Antimicrobial


Penetrexx Antimicrobial surface protection is a key component of SPH Medical’s Trademark 3-step  process to:


Penetrexx is the missing link that provides lasting protection for 30 days.

  • Penetrexx creates a Protective antimicrobial barrier that provides a bacteriostatic finish on high-touch, high risk surfaces

This antimicrobial finish offers around the clock surface protection.

  • Penetrexx fights microbial growth between cleanings and disinfection.
  • Penetrexx reduces cross-contamination risks from high touch surfaces found in schools, hospitals, clinics, gyms, spas and more.


After cleaning and then disinfecting with Oxydiff to kill viruses and bacteria like C. difficile spores, an important third step to promote safety is to PROTECT!

Penetrexx Antimicrobial is the missing component of many infection prevention and workplace safety programs.

  • Penetrexx Protective barrier reduces risk of cross contamination on high touch and at risk surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly non-toxic /non-leaching antimicrobial technology
  • Extended Bacteriostatic Antimicrobial Surface Protectant
  • Fast and convenient spray and wipe application
  • Cured treatments remain effective in the presence of bleach between disinfections
  • Supports accreditation mandates for patient protection in hospitals
  • EPA Registered and FDA Cleared for use on food service areas
  • Effective on Hard, Soft, Porous, and non Porous surfaces
  • Promotes lower ATP (adenosine triphosphate) scores for hospitals
  • Can be applied to uniforms and clothing and lasts for up to 20 washes!
  • Available in multiple sizes: spray bottles, gallon size, and totes for high volume electrostatic spraying

Penetrexx creates a protective barrier with a bacteriostatic finish on high-touch, high-risk surfaces with no need to reapply for 30-90 days.

Housekeeping staff find that Penetrexx Antimicrobial treatment is fast and easy to apply.  Setting up a monthly schedule for treatment of high touch areas is simple to manage.  Most of all patients in hospitals, students, and customers appreciate the added level of protection that Penetrexx provides.  The protective shield formed on treated surfaces means that the people you care about most are protected in between cleanings.

Read more about how Penetrexx is protecting our children in Newark schools.

Contact SPH Medical today to discuss your infection prevention plan and how Penetrexx Antimicrobial along with our other products and services can help you achieve your goals.

EPA Registration Number 92057-3

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