Disinfection Wipes

This Simple To Use Kit Is As Easy As:

  • Load the dry wiper roll into the re-usable bucket.
  • Mix the sanitizer/cleaner solution and pour over the roll of wipers.
  • Thread the first wiper through the lid and close.

You’re Ready To Go! Don’t overpay for Disinfection Wipes.  SPH Medical has the solution!

  • Can be used to clean and sanitize all hard surfaces, equipment, utensils and more.
  • Correctly diluted (1 packet per 32 oz of hot water) should test at 199ppm available chlorine.
  • The sanitizer and cleaner has been independently tested to kill 99.97% of coronaviruses, specifically human coronavirus VR-740 on hard surfaces. COVID-19 is not commercially available for specific efficacy testing at this time.


SPH Medical Can Delivery Disinfection Wipes to Your Facility

  • Reusable bucket has an airtight lid to keep your wipes saturated, avoid contamination and reduce staff exposure to the chemicals.
  • Wipers easily absorb the cleaning solution while remaining durable to handle your daily cleaning needs.
  • Each coreless roll pulls from the center – perfect for feeding wipers through the sanitizing kit bucket lid.
  • The cleaner/sanitizer is a proprietary blended cleaner and solution (2-in-1 product)
  • FDA, EPA and NSF D2 approved
  • Packets are pre-portioned for easy chemical dilution, no measuring required

SPH- 94400WC SanitizingWipe Kit Plus:WiperRoll (300Wipes) & Sanitizer/CleanerPacket
SPH- 94400 SanitizingWipe Kit Plus:WiperRoll (300Wipes) (No cleaner solution)
SPH- 74491WC SanitizingWipe Kit Plus Refill:WiperRoll & Sanitizer/CleanerPacket Each
SPH- 74491 SanitizingWipe Kit Plus Refill:WiperRoll (No cleaner solution) Each

Technical Specs:

Sanitizing Wipe Kit Plus

  • FDA (HBD) Approved White Bucket w/Lid (7.375” High x 7.8125” in Diameter)
  • Dry Wiper Roll: 300 Airlaid Cellulose-Based Wipers (6.8” x 6”)
  • Sanitizer & Cleaner Packet
  • Instruction/OSHA Sheet & Bucket Label
  • 150 Kits Per Pallet

Sanitizing Wipe Kit Plus Refill

  • 6 Dry Wiper Rolls: 300 Airlaid Cellulose-Based Wipers (6.8” x 6”) Per Roll
  • 6 Sanitizer & Cleaner Packets
  • Instruction/OSHA Sheet
  • Shipping Box: 13.3” x 20” x 7.6” • 84 Cases (of 6 rolls) Per Pallet

If you would like more information about the disinfection wipes or need NIOSH Certified N95 Masks please contact us.

The Makrite NIOSH N95 Mask is available in several models including the FDA rated Surgical Mask 9500-N95 found here, and the Makrite Sekura-N95 a comfortable mask that provides another fit option. We are shipping Masks to our hospital customers now.

Visit the CDC website for more information about Environmental Disinfection.