Safeko Vinyl Nitrile Blend Examination Gloves – Chemo Tested FDA 510K

SPH Medical offers the Safeko Vinyl Nitrile Blend Examination Glove as a cost effective option for hospital, clinics, or healthcare facilities requiring medical grade examination gloves. This glove has been tested against nine Chemotherapy Drugs. Our Safeko brand is manufactured in the Intco factory in China where where strict quality control is their top priority. Intco is the largest glove manufacturer in China and manufactures our Safeko Vinyl Nitrile Blend Examination Glove under the Synmax brand. This glove is FDA 510K approved under FDA number K112266.


SPH Medical continues to deliver exceptional products that promote Nursing and staff safety. The Safeko Vinyl Nitrile Blend Chemo Tested Examination Glove is helping healthcare facilities ensure that our frontline caregivers are safe. This Glove offers exceptional value over more expensive Nitrile Examination gloves that don’t have Chemotherapy Drug Testing.

Nitrile Examination Gloves have seen astronomical price increases over the past year.  This is due to several factors including but not limited to COVID-19 factory shut downs, one large global glove manufacturer being sanctioned for child labor law violations which prevented their gloves from being sold in the USA, huge price increases in the cost of the raw materials to make Nitrile gloves, nitrile butadiene rubber or NBR, labor shortages, and factory capacity.  Another contributing issue is the difficulty and complexity of breaking into the glove manufacturing business.  Some reports show that it can take up to 18 months to set up manufacturing facilities for Vinyl and Nitrile Gloves.  Raw material shortages are expected to impact the market through 2022.

Why are Vinyl Nitrile Blended gloves becoming more popular?

Vinyl Exam gloves are the best value for medical grade barrier protection and are the most cost effective.   Nitrile Exam gloves provide the best puncture and resistance to chemicals.  Combining the best of both of these gives us the Vinyl Nitrile blend Examination glove that reduces cost but delivers premium performance, safety, fit, and protection.


The Safeko product 1023 Vinyl Nitrile Blend Gloves are delivered in boxes of 100 gloves and packaged in a case of 10 boxes to equal 1000 gloves per case.

Lead time for delivery:

SPH Medical can deliver gloves rapidly to anywhere in the US with from our existing inventory. See the images of Safeko Vinyl Nitrile gloves that are in stock now.

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Safeko Vinyl Nitrile Exam Gloves are Chemo Tested