Air Transfer System Motor

The SPH Medical Air Transfer Motor provides the air for your patient transfer and positioning needs.

The SPH Medical air supply is designed for the SPH Medical Transfer and Positioning System and intended to help nurses and healthcare workers safely move patients. The system has been designed to reduce risks and make patient transfer safer and easier. The Air Transfer Mat also allows the patient to conveniently remain on the transfer mat for ancillary procedures.


The Air Transfer System Motor is a key component of the Air Powered Lateral Transfer and Positioning System.

Air Transfer System Motor Features

  • New Motor Design to rapidly inflate your Air Powered Lateral Transfer System.
  • Compact design and light weight the motor is portable and can be used with the the Single Patient use or reusable Air Transfer Mattresses.
  • Compatible with most leading Air Transfer Mattresses already in use in hospitals today.
  • Low upfront cost and easy to maintain.
  • Each Air Supply or Blower includes the hose and power cord.
  • A convenient strap allows you to organize the power cord for easy access and transport.
  • Can hang on a bed or transport stretcher using the arms on the back of the Air Supply.
  • Maximum Patient Weight of SPH Medical’s Air Transfer Mattress is 1000 lbs.  Dual Air Supplies can be used for patients over 600 lbs to improve efficiency of transfer.

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sph medical air transfer motor