Makrite 910-N95FMX NIOSH N95 Surgical Respirator

SPH Medical is a trusted source for Makrite NIOSH N95 respirator surgical masks. The 910-N95FMX product has been tested and meets the FDA requirements for a Surgical Respirator and NIOSH testing standard of N95. These mask are intended to be used for protection against solid ,such as those from minerals, coal, iron ore, flour and certain other substance. The N95 Series are extremely durable with a soft and comfortable inner surface, with an adjustable nose piece and adjustable head straps to provide a custom fit for each wearer.

NIOSH Approval: TC-84A-4541


SPH Medical NIOSH n95 respirator surgical mask

SPH Medical is an Authorized Distributor for Makrite a global leader in NIOSH N95 respirator surgical mask manufacturing with over 30 years of experience.

Our primary mission is to provide safe patient handling solutions to hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country to help reduce the risk of injury and infections. We are shipping millions of NIOSH N95 Respirators to protect healthcare workers.

About 25% of the North American market prefers the vertical and flat folded style respirator, and this trend is growing every year. Some individuals just don’t fit other masks!  You may be conducting a lot of fit testing and the 910-N95FMX with adjustable head straps may be the best answer.  Many people prefer the vertical and flat folded style because it is more flexible around the edges and can adapt to the wearer’s facial features. This has become important for healthcare facilities to provide multiple options to fit test employees. In many cases the 910-N95FMX will fit more easily than other respirators because of its adjustability. Horizontal flat fold masks create extra breathing space. They fold easily when they are not in use and fit well with goggles or helmets so they are convenient for many different types of work environments.

The 910-N95FMX models have been designed to easily meet NIOSH’s stringent approval requirements for breathing resistance and filtration efficiency. In addition the fluid rating of this mask makes it highly desirable for surgical areas and hospital workers requiring a mask with fluid resistance.

Model Number: 910-N95FMX

  • Exceptional inside filter for lower breathing resistance
  • Softer outer and inner layer for comfortable fit
  • Individually adjustable plastic concealed nose clip for excellent fit
  • High density urethane foam nosepiece for great fitness and worker comfort
  • Easy to carry and can be easily equipped with safety goggles and helmets
  • Alternative one-way valve for easy exhalation

The Makrite NIOSH N95 Masks are available in several models including the FDA approved Surgical Mask 9500-N95 found here.

We are shipping Makrite masks to our hospital and industrial customers now.

Please contact us for more information about Makrite products and the industry leading 9500-N95 and SEKURA-N95 masks.

Download the Makrite 910-N95FMX Flat Fold Series Product information here.
Download the Makrite Comfort Series Product information here.

Visit to see Makrite products listed by TC approval number. The Model 910-N95FMX can be found here.