SPH Medical offers an immediate and thorough solution to clean your facility by completely disinfecting all surfaces.

Just Spraying and Wiping with Lysol or bleach doesn’t work!

Covid-19 has the ability to live on surfaces for 3 days or more. Only a complete disinfection of all surfaces will ensure that you can safely reoccupy your building. The most commonly used approach to disinfection is spraying and wiping surfaces with diluted bleach or bleach wipes.  Time after time, studies indicate that, at best, less than 90% of the high-touch surfaces are sprayed and that the vast majority of surfaces in the room are overlooked.  In addition, wiping increases the chances for cross contamination and further spread of the virus.  Furthermore, bleach mixtures emit noxious fumes that can be irritants to employees, students, and patients.   The new best practice is to use our advanced disinfection solutions that are non-toxic, highly effective and cost effective. SPH Medical provides this service on demand.


SPH Medical Provides On-site disinfection services using Halo Total Room Disinfection – Killing 99.9999% of Viruses including Coronavirus, Influenza, Norovirus, C. diff and more.featured-halo-products rev01

The Halo Disinfectant System delivers a one-two punch with a revolutionary combination of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and silver that can be delivered in two ways; as a no-wipe spray for spot treatment and, for total room protection, as a dry mist dispensed by the Halo Fogger.  How does it work?  Hydrogen Peroxide attacks the membrane of microorganisms, allowing the silver ions to bind to the proteins and DNA, halting the replication and destroying the cell’s energy source.  This “one-two” punch boosts the biocidal effect of Halo disinfectant.  The H2O2 breaks down into water and oxygen, making the Sanosil disinfectant environmentally preferred.  Read more…

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