SPH Medical is a leading provider of solutions focused on reducing risk of injury to patient handling staff, and reducing hospital acquired infections and pressure ulcers. By offering clinical education and consulting services combined with the latest technology in assistive solutions we are helping facilities and caregivers address these areas of risk within their facilities.

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Patient Handling

Solving Lateral Transfers and Positioning Risk in Hospitals

What Puts The Nursing Staff At Risk? While you may think of hospitals as one of the safest places to work, they're actually one of the most dangerous workplaces for staff members. In fact, an OSHA study revealed that 7 workers for every 100 full-time employees at hospitals were injured on the job. Compare that rate to other private industries, and you'll discover that hospitals are almost twice as dangerous. The...

Positioning Patients Safely with EPD

Keeping Patients Safer and Reducing Injury to Caregivers When it comes to positioning patients safely and reducing the possibility of injury to caregivers, the medical community has continually adopted new technology. The EPD is no different. Known formally as an epidural positioning device, this medical technology is successful in positioning patients safely for various procedures. Most popularly used to position a patient for an epidural procedure, the epidural positioning device has provided...

Promoting Staff and Patient Safety with an EPD

Patient Safety with an EPD Invasive procedures involving conscious patients are tricky. It can be difficult for a patient to maintain a static position during this important procedure. A sudden movement from the patient may cause unnecessary pain and discomfort. To reduce the risk of improper epidural placement and to eliminate the manual handling of the patient by the nurse, SPH Medical can improve overall safety and efficiency with an EPD. ...

Lateral Transfer Matt

Solving Lateral Transfer and Positioning Risk in Hospitals

Solving Lateral Transfer and Positioning Risk in Hospitals A Lateral transfer and patient repositioning are typical tasks of nursing staff around the globe. In fact, it's estimated by the American Nursing Association that the average nurse moves around 1.8 tons during a full eight-hour shift. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this immense amount of movement has resulted in medical professionals being at a 31.1 percent increased risk of musculoskeletal...

Reduce Nursing Injuries

Reducing Risk of Nursing Injury During Lateral Transfer

Nurses Perform Transfers It is a scenario that plays out in the hospital setting every day. A patient must move from a bed to a gurney for treatment or testing. Once the patient reaches his or her destination, it is time for another lateral transfer. SPH Medical is lowering the risk of nursing injury during lateral transfers. When a patient is mobile, this is not too difficult. In many cases, nurses and...

Preventing Nursing injuries in Labor and Delivery during COVID-19

Preventing Nursing Injuries in Labor and Delivery During COVID-19 SPH Medical works with healthcare facilities to implement safe patient handling solutions to protect our frontline caregivers and help with preventing nursing injuries. SPH Medical does this by evaluating current patient handling tasks and processes and helping hospitals modify high risk tasks to improve staff and patient safety. A variety of proven assistive solutions and supplies can help mobilize or transfer patients...


AirPal Transfer System reduces COVID-19 Risk in Hospitals

Transfer Patients Safely and Reduce Risk of COVID-19 Transfer patients safely and reduce the risk of COVID-19 and cross contamination with the AirPal Lateral Transfer Device. The AirPal Lateral Transfer Device is an important tool so fewer staff members can help more patients safely.  The AirPal lateral transfer system offers a broad range of options to ensure that patients of all shapes and sizes can be transferred safely anywhere in the hospital. ...

SPH Medical EPD 4

The EPD and AirPal Improve Patient and Staff Safety

SPH Medical is Improving Safety for Hospital Staff and Patients SPH Medical is here to improve patient staff safety in labor and delivery and surgical units with the Epidural Positioning Device and the AirPal transfer system. COVID-19 is putting our healthcare workers at risk. Manually handling patients under normal conditions is known to put our nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers at risk. Now more than ever hospital staff need to have...

Makrite N95 Surgical Mask protects Nurses and Doctors

The Vital Importance of Using N95 Masks in the Battle Against Covid-19 and Where to Get Them For people on the front line in the healthcare battle against Covid-19 and this global pandemic, personal safety is a big concern. While most medical professionals love their job, the virus has brought a different level of fear into the field of medicine.  The Makrite N95 Mask is making a difference. The Difficulty of Being...

N95 Masks Goggles Isolation Gowns and Essential Supplies

With the COVID-19 virus spreading throughout the community there is continued pressure on our healthcare system, nurses, caregivers and first responders to address the infected patients and protect themselves at the same time. SPH Medical is meeting the needs of the healthcare community during this time of short supply and high demand by providing essential supplies to protect our healthcare workers and patients alike. Recent stories in the press have surfaced regarding...