SPH Medical is a leading provider of solutions focused on reducing risk of injury to patient handling staff, and reducing hospital acquired infections and pressure ulcers. By offering clinical education and consulting services combined with the latest technology in assistive solutions we are helping facilities and caregivers address these areas of risk within their facilities.

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Patient Handling

Surgical N95 Respirators provided by SPH Medical

The Future of N95 Masks

With the appearance of coronavirus disease 19 (also known as COVID-19) in 2019, the public heightened their concern regarding virus transmission via airborne and aerosolized particles. The concern was accompanied by a slew of contradictory discussions on which types of personal protective equipment best safeguard health care practitioners and the world at large against virus exposure. The thought of wearing facial covers at restaurants, grocery stores, and airports seemed weird...

Improve Epidural Safety with the EPD

Epidural Pain Relief: The Modern Miracle

Pain during labor is inevitable, but it doesn't have to go untreated. Labor can be much less stressful and even enjoyable with the addition of epidural pain relief to control pain during labor. Aside from saving a mother's sanity, an epidural can help a mother breathe better through contractions and can reduce anxiety surrounding birth. What is an Epidural? Getting an epidural isn't nearly as scary as it sounds. A highly trained...

Reduce Injuries and Infections with SPH Medials Air Transfer Mat

Lateral Transfer Matt: The Dignity and Dangers Of Lateral Transfers

The gold standard of Safe Patient Handling today is the single patient use Air-Assisted Lateral Transfer Matt.  This article will provide some background about the daily risks faced by nursing staff when handling patients and the growing trend to implement Safe Patient Handling programs that include the SPH Medical Lateral Transfer Matt. Medical Professionals Carry Out Dozens of Lateral Transfers Per Day Though caregivers and medical professionals carry out dozens of lateral...

Improving Nursing Safety With The EPD

Improving nursing safety is the primary goal in any formalized Safe Patient Handling program being implemented across the country here in the United States and even internationally. This article will discuss the risks associated with manual patient handling that occurs during epidural placement, spinal blocks and thoracentesis. First, a little background about epidurals. An epidural is regional anesthesia applied to expectant mothers in labor and delivery units to desensitize pain receptors....

Epidural Chair improves Staff Safety

Epidural Pain Relief and the EPD

Epidural anesthesia blocks pain sensation in a given region of the body and provides analgesia. The EPD improves safety for both staff and patients and increases and comfort for patients. An Epidural blocks impulses from lower spinal segments leading to reduced pain sensation in the lower part of the body. Most epidural pain relief medications are local anesthetics and are administered in combination with opioids like fentanyl. How Epidural Pain Relief...

Improve Patient Comfort and Staff Safety with SPH Medical's EPD

Practicing Safe Patient Handling When Performing Thoracentesis

Thoracentesis or Pleural Tap Also known as a pleural tap, it happens when the doctors drain liquid buildup in the pleural space. Doing this enables the medical team to carry out a pleural fluid analysis to determine what might be causing an accumulation of fluids in or around the lungs. The pleural space, located between the chest and the lungs, typically has about four tablespoons of fluid. Various conditions can cause...

Reduce Risk Of Injury with the SPH Medical EPD

Epidural or Spinal Block

Epidural Positioning Device Implementation to Improve Patient Outcomes and Healthcare Worker Safety In the realm of anesthesia, there are many methods to help reduce a patient's pain and suffering during operations or procedures. It takes an entire team of healthcare professionals to deliver safe and effective anesthesia that produces positive patient outcomes. One of the most common anesthesia types includes epidural anesthesia or spinal block, which is seen in the operating...

The SPH Medical EPD improves patient safety

Epidural Trends and the Epidural Chair

Current Epidural Trends in Hospitals and the Epidural Chair Now more than ever in Labor and Delivery departments and in General Surgery areas the trend is to utilize the Epidural Chair to improve patient comfort and safety.  Equally important is the opportunity to improve safety for nursing and Anesthesia staff.  It is well known that the experience of childbirth is extremely painful for the mother. Modern medicine has advanced to provide...

Air Transfer Mat Solves Lateral Transfer and Positioning Risk in Hospitals

Solving Lateral Transfer and Positioning Risk in Hospitals Nurses, certified nursing assistants, and other healthcare workers constantly move, transfer, and reposition patients and residents during their workdays. Needless to say, the repetitive lifting and moving of people to and from beds, chairs and bathtubs can wreak havoc on caregivers' health. Today, mechanical lift aids, an air transfer mat and other technologies help reduce the risk of injuries to caregivers and patients...

Patient Positioning and Nursing Injuries

How Patient Positioning and Lateral Transfers Increase Risk of Injury to our Nurses Patient positioning in a hospital, surgery center, or medical clinic occurs twenty four hours a day and every day. Patients are constantly sliding down in bed and therefore need to be boosted back up, turned, bathed, and transferred. In this article we're going to review one of the most common and predictable patient positioning tasks, a lateral transfer....