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The N95 Mask: Then Vs. Now

The Demand for Surgical Masks is Growing COVID-19 has left a trail of wreckage, upset, and gloom in its wake. As this fatal virus continues to ravage the world, the demand for surgical masks is growing, resulting in shortages around the country. The N95 mask in particular, are a popular choice among both frontline workers and the general public. Touted as the optimal personal protective equipment, these FDA-approved surgical respirators are...

NIOSH N95 Masks for Public Use

The Growing Prevalence Of NIOSH N95 Masks Before the coronavirus reared its fatal, viral, and contagious head, masks were predominantly worn by medical professionals. However, the world has been gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic for nearly a year, resulting in an increased demand for personal protective equipment. NIOSH N95 masks, in particular, are sought-after for their filtration efficiency, high surgical rating, and FDA approval. As these public demands remain on an...

Finding a Trusted Supplier for N95 Facemasks

CDC Recommended N95 Facemasks The pandemic has brought a lot of changes to the healthcare industry. From increased patient loads to shortages of medical supplies, there are many uncertainties are going into the future. One very specific medical supply that has got a lot of press lately is the N95 Facemasks. The CDC has recommended this particular facemask as the most effective protective measure against the novel coronavirus. For this reason, the...

N95 Masks for Maximum Protection

N95 Masks for Maximum Protection When dealing with a respiratory virus like COVID-19, hospitals rely on PPE such as N95 masks and gowns to keep staff members safe. Early on in the coronavirus pandemic, there were critical shortages of this essential gear. In hard-hit places like New York and California, doctors and nurses were crafting PPE out of supplies they had on hand. Even after several months, there are still concerns...

N95 Masks and PPE for Healthcare

Getting the Best N95 Masks and 3-Ply Face Masks for your Medical Facility With the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting vast parts of the country and the world, there are continued questions about using different types of N95 masks to help stop the spread of the virus. Frontline healthcare workers have been under increasing stress to ensure they have all the personal protective equipment they need to ensure their safety during patient...

SPH Medical N95 Masks

Patients Flooding Healthcare Facilities The healthcare industry has long been using the N95 Masks as an effective measure to protect frontline workers and first responders from illness. With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, there are more patients flooding healthcare facilities. In addition, businesses in other industries like manufacturing are ordering large quantities of masks to protect their staff members. Overall, the demand for the NIOSH 95 mask has drastically increased. Unfortunately,...

N95 Mask Fit for Protection

Practicing Social Distancing and Wearing Face Masks Dr. Anthony S. Fauci acknowledges that without practicing social distancing and wearing face masks, the coronavirus’s spread would be worse than it is. Dr. Fauci is the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). For healthcare workers, the face mask that provides them with the best protection is the Makrite model 9500-N95. SPH Medical is your authorized supplier of the...

A Trusted Source for N95 Surgical Masks

Looking for a Trusted Source for N95 Surgical Masks? While the statistics related to the COVID-19 pandemic are improving worldwide, it's clear the U.S. is not out of the woods as of yet. There are still outbreaks occurring in communities from shore to shore. Hospitals and businesses are looking for a trusted source for N95 Surgical Masks and mask purchases. With no clear end of the pandemic in sight and a second...

SPH Medical Makrite N95 Mask

More Help for the Frontlines as Makrite Partners with SPH Medical

More Help for the Frontlines as Makrite Partners with SPH Medical The news is rarely good when it comes to the novel coronavirus. Case rates surge, and deaths continue to mount. As the world struggles to cope, there is some good news. Now, the world's health care workers have more access to the safety equipment they need. This is because Makrite is working in tandem with SPH Medical to improve the...