SPH Medical is a leading provider of solutions focused on reducing risk of injury to patient handling staff, and reducing hospital acquired infections and pressure ulcers. By offering clinical education and consulting services combined with the latest technology in assistive solutions we are helping facilities and caregivers address these areas of risk within their facilities.

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Epidurals and Spinal Blocks

Most Common Use of Epidurals There are many times when a patient wants to be or needs to be awake during surgery. The classic case is the Caesarean section when a mother cannot have her child vaginally. She wants to see and hold her baby the moment it's born. This procedure is possible with the use of an epidural block. By injecting numbing medication into the epidural space just above the...

Epidural Chair prevents injuries

Patients Can Feel Safer With The Epidural Positioning Device

The Epidural Positioning Device, Positioning Patients Safety What commonly comes to mind when you hear the word epidural is that someone is giving childbirth, and they need an epidural to help with the pain. For a mother in labor, an epidural provides anesthesia that creates a range of numbness from the patients navel to her upper legs.  This enables the patient to be awake and alert during childbirth, while allowing the...

EPD the Epidural Positioning Chair

Positioning Patients Safely with The Epidural Positioning Chair

Positioning Patients Safely With An Epidural Chair or EPD Are you tired of straining your back and arms? Do you have frequent musculoskeletal problems from attempting to hold patients in position? It’s time to let the Epidural Positioning Device (EPD) take the load off your neck, back, arms and wrists. If you’re a nurse, nursing assistant, anesthesia tech, Nurse Manager in Labor and Delivery, or General Surgery this product is indispensable. It...

Promoting Staff and Patient Safety with an EPD

Patient Safety with an EPD Invasive procedures involving conscious patients are tricky. It can be difficult for a patient to maintain a static position during this important procedure. A sudden movement from the patient may cause unnecessary pain and discomfort. To reduce the risk of improper epidural placement and to eliminate the manual handling of the patient by the nurse, SPH Medical can improve overall safety and efficiency with an EPD. ...

SPH Medical EPD 4

The EPD and Air Transfer System Improve Patient and Staff Safety

SPH Medical is Improving Safety for Hospital Staff and Patients SPH Medical is here to improve patient staff safety in labor and delivery and surgical units with the Epidural Positioning Device and the air transfer system. COVID-19 is putting our healthcare workers at risk. Manually handling patients under normal conditions is known to put our nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers at risk. Now more than ever hospital staff need to have...

Patient Positioning During Thoracentesis Solved

Major Advancements in Safe Patient Positioning during Thoracentesis Over the past two decades we have seen major advancements in patient care. This includes many new Safe Patient Handling Solutions developed to help our nurses and caregivers avoid the risk injury. Manual patient handling is one of the leading causes of back injuries for nurses. Many States have put laws in place to mandate that hospitals have a Safe Patient Handling program....