SPH Medical is a leading provider of solutions focused on reducing risk of injury to patient handling staff, and reducing hospital acquired infections and pressure ulcers. By offering clinical education and consulting services combined with the latest technology in assistive solutions we are helping facilities and caregivers address these areas of risk within their facilities.

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Infection Prevention

SPH Medical Delivers Surgical N95 Respirators

N95 Respirators for Healthcare

The world has been in transition since the spread of the Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19. The year 2020 marked a shift in societal standards, behavior, interactions, and almost a total disruption in how the average person views infection prevention. Less than two years later, we are still being reminded by the CDC and healthcare leaders that mask use contributes to individual personal safety and offers significant defense against the...

SPH Medical Chemo Tested Gloves Protect Nurses

Chemo Tested Nitrile Exam Gloves

When given to people, cancer related chemotherapeutic medications can cause mutagenesis, teratogenesis, carcinogenesis, and sterility. The danger varies depending on the substance and its concentration, as well as exposure frequency and duration. As a result, concerns have been raised about the possible dangers to those who work with chemotherapy. Additionally, public health threats coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic and revolutions in the medical industry have expanded the need for Personal...

Nitrile Exam Gloves Protect Doctors and Nurses

Nitrile Examination Gloves from Malaysia

Nitrile Examination Gloves from Malaysia are in high demand at the moment.  If you work in the food service, beauty, chemical, automotive or health care industry, you likely protect your hands with nitrile gloves. Recent threats to public health, including but not limited to Covid-19, and changes in the medical field have given the exam glove industry a healthy boost. History of Nitrile Gloves When doctors began wearing surgical gloves, they reused...

N95 Masks for Maximum Protection

Cal OSHA New ETS for N95 Respirators

On June 17th, Cal OSHA issued an updated COVID-19 Prevention ETS (Emergency Temporary Standards) requiring employers in California to provide N95 Masks for employees that are unvaccinated. The following topics are discussed in the updated ETS. As a result of the updated ETS we are seeing an immediate increase in demand for NIOSH Approved N95 Respirators. Summary of June 17th ETS. Physical Distancing - This is being phased out along with barriers. N95...

Nitrile Exam Glove Testing 2021

Evaluating the Quality of Nitrile Exam Gloves for Hospitals

Nitrile Exam Gloves for Hospitals Most of the world was unprepared for a pandemic like COVID-19. The contagion caused many supply chain issues including a shortage of medical supplies like gloves, N95 masks and, isolation gowns. With the need for these supplies continuing, some scammers are attempting to profit by manufacturing fake or low quality gloves with fake packaging. It’s important for value analysis and purchasing departments to avoid buying them....

The Importance of Chemotherapy Testing for Nitrile Gloves

Chemotherapy Testing for Nitrile Gloves In today's current environment of infections and pathogens we are more increasingly concerned about Chemotherapy Testing for Nitrile Gloves. The International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization confirms that cancer rates are increasing around the world due to people living longer. Most cases of cancer happen to people who are older. Also, researchers believe that smoking tobacco and unhealthy eating habits are likely...

SPH Medical delivers Nitrile Exam Gloves

The History of Nitrile Exam Gloves for Nursing Safety

Nitrile Exam Gloves for Nursing Safety Disposable gloves are the unsung heroes of healthcare products. They were developed because of a longtime need for the medical industry to implement cleaner standards and offer protection for those who provide healthcare services. Here’s the history and evolution of disposable gloves and how nitrile exam gloves became a necessity for the healthcare industry. A Start with Johns Hopkins Hospital Johns Hopkins Hospital opened in May 1889,...

Boosting N95 Mask Supply

Manage the Pandemic's Future by Boosting N95 Mask Supply In 2021, the future of the pandemic seems to hinge on the efficacy and availability of the vaccine. While vaccine efforts do look promising, it is important to remember that some of the most powerful tools to combat COVID-19 are the same as they have been since the start. Using quality masks remains a critical component of conquering the pandemic once and...

The N95 Mask: Then Vs. Now

The Demand for Surgical Masks is Growing COVID-19 has left a trail of wreckage, upset, and gloom in its wake. As this fatal virus continues to ravage the world, the demand for surgical masks is growing, resulting in shortages around the country. The N95 mask in particular, are a popular choice among both frontline workers and the general public. Touted as the optimal personal protective equipment, these FDA-approved surgical respirators are...

NIOSH N95 Mask The Gold Standard for Protection

It has been a year since COVID-19 first changed the world. Today, masks are a common sight around the world. However, while most people have accepted a mask as a part of daily life, supply is still a pressing issue for the worldwide market. The future for masks is still up for discussion. The future starts by building up the supply. The global supply of N95 masks is still not...