No Rinse No Wipe and 2 Min Kill of C diff

Hospital Grade Disinfectants

Reduce the Risk of Hospital-Acquired Infections with OXYdiff

The risk of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) from dangerous pathogens is a constant threat to patients during treatment. This risk is exacerbated by invasive procedures like surgery, severe illnesses, the misuse of antibiotics and neglect of best practices. Although, the use of proper hospital grade disinfectants and adhering to best practices for cleaning can help reduce the risk of patients contracting HAIs. Recently receiving an updated approval by the EPA, OXYdiff is a disinfectant capable of killing some of the most dangerous pathogens in the hospital setting, protecting patients. Formerly known as Noroxycdiff, this environmentally friendly disinfectant is primarily made with Hydrogen Peroxide. OXYdiff has also received an upgrade with an Emerging Pathogens approval.

Hospital-Acquired Infections

HAIs lead to medical costs of over $28.4 billion every year. These infections are often caused by hard-to-kill bacteria and can lead to severe conditions like sepsis for already vulnerable patients. With the right prevention measures in place, healthcare facilities can reduce HAIs by up to 70%. This makes it crucial for hospitals to use a safe and effective hospital grade disinfectants that targets deadly bacteria and viruses in the prevention process.

However, not all hospital disinfectants are created equal. Not all disinfectants are capable of killing all of the deadly pathogens that threaten patients, such as Clostridium deficile, a dangerous spore forming bacteria. Bleach is often touted as a solution since it is capable of killing the bacteria, but bleach comes with its own disadvantages. Bleach emits toxic fumes that are harmful to patients and staff and can even damage equipment due to its corrosive properties.

An Effective Hospital Grade Disinfectant

OXYdiff targets and kills dangerous pathogens, like Norovirus, MRSA and Clostridium deficile and is easy to use in any setting. OXYdiff has a 2 minute kill time for Clostridium deficile, also known as C. diff. C. diff is considered one of the most difficult pathogens to kill and poses a serious threat to patients as it can remain on surfaces for five months and has no response to alcohol.

OXYdiff’s versatility gives healthcare professionals the ability to effectively and efficiently protect patients without the risks of other disinfectants. OXYdiff requires no rinsing and no wiping during application, making the process quick and easy and allowing healthcare staff to focus on patient care. The non-toxic formula simply needs to be sprayed using a spray bottle, electrostatic sprayer, or applied using a fogger.

Using OXYdiff as a hospital grade disinfectant in a hospital setting can significantly reduce the risk of patients contracting an HAI while providing a safe and harmless alternative to other disinfectants. Ultimately, OXYdiff can help save lives, reduce healthcare costs and maintain peace of mind for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

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