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N95 Mask Demand and Fluid Protection

N95 Mask Demand and Fluid Protection

Skyrocketing Demand for PPE

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the demand for products around the globe. With skyrocketing demand for personal protective equipment, manufacturers are working harder than ever before to produce these products in adequate supplies. The N95 mask demand has been noted as one of the biggest product shortages in the country.

A big cause of this shortage was the release of a CDC recommendation that the N95 mask can be an effective protection device against the coronavirus. The healthcare, manufacturing, and industrial business sectors have adopted this recommendation by integrating the use of the NIOSH N95 Mask into their everyday business operations.

No Government Intervention In Mask Production

As mask demand is through the roof, mask manufacturers like Makrite are scaling up their production processes. While this is a positive step in increasing the supply of masks, many believe that the Government should intervene. Under the Defense Production Act, President Trump’s Administration had previously intervened when there was a shortage of ventilators.

His Administration ordered large producers, like General Motors, to start manufacturing ventilators. Ventilator manufacturers, under this Act, released their trade production secrets so that this new manufacturing could get underway. These actions allowed the nation to meet the N95 mask demand for ventilators. Many believe that more government intervention is necessary to repeat the same outcome with the N95 mask. However, there has been no indication the Government will do so.

More Capitalization On The Mask Demand

Without government officials’ help to crush the mask shortage, many business people see the potential to capitalize on this event. This has led to a market abundance of so-called mask distributors constructing contracts to sell less than reputable masks to industries in need. Many of these masks aren’t NIOSH certified and are putting those on the frontlines in severe danger.

It’s now more important than ever before to work with a reputable global mask distributor. SPH Medical is a trustworthy distributor that directly works with Makrite, a 30-year mask industry production expert, to ensure our customers only get the best quality masks. We provide various masks depending on your industry’s need, including the surgical rated Makrite 910-N95FMX and NIOSH N95 Mask.

What Are NIOSH And Surgical Ratings?

All N95 masks are not created equal. It’s vital to pay attention to each mask’s certifications and ratings to ensure that it will do the job you need it to. The NIOSH certified Makrite N95 Mask is recommended for all front line industries.

For a NIOSH N95 Mask to be certified by NIOSH, it must pass the standards outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations 42 Part 84. Prior to submission for certification, Nelson Labs runs vigorous testing of the mask to obtain performance results. These results, alongside designs and other specifications, are submitted to NIOSH for evaluation and, if approved, become NIOSH certified.

The surgical rating for the Makrite 910-N95FMX respirator is earned from the Food and Drug Administration. This rating is only awarded to masks that pass their stringent standards for being effective in surgical settings. Some of these standards include fire-resistance and fluid protection. Those in the healthcare industry commonly use these masks.

The Makrite Model 9500-N95 Surgical Respirator

One of the most demanded surgical respirators for those in the healthcare industry is the Makrite model 9500-N95. These masks are both NIOSH certified and have an FDA surgical rating. This model is specifically designed to filter out at least 95 percent of particulate matter. This Makrite N95 Mask is known to be extremely durable and comfortable to wear. Each comes with an adjustable nose piece and head straps that easily provide a proper and secure fit for users.

It’s Time To Talk With SPH Medical

As a global mask distributor, SPH Medical can work with you to determine what masks fit your employees’ needs. As a direct distributor of Makrite masks, SPH Medical can ensure that you’re getting quality products that will protect your frontline workers. Now more than ever before, working with a quality distributor instead of any average joe middle man company offering cheap prices is essential. You must ensure that you’re getting quality tested and certified masks that protect your most valuable assets, your employees. For more information on the N95 mask demand, contact SPH Medical at (844) 377-4633.

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