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N95 Masks and PPE for Healthcare

N95 Masks and PPE for Healthcare

Getting the Best N95 Masks and 3-Ply Face Masks for your Medical Facility

With the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting vast parts of the country and the world, there are continued questions about using different types of N95 masks to help stop the spread of the virus. Frontline healthcare workers have been under increasing stress to ensure they have all the personal protective equipment they need to ensure their safety during patient care. While most healthcare workers are used to using surgical masks in specific medical environments, traditional surgical masks do not offer as much protection against this deadly pathogen’s spread.

High-Quality Protective N95 Masks for Medical Use

Most medical offices use a wholesale PPE supplier to get all their protective gear for their staff to ensure they are well prepared to ward off this airborne pathogen. When looking at what the best options are, there are several things to consider.

Based on years of scientific data and healthcare studies, the use of NIOSH certified N95 Mask and 3 Ply Mask face coverings are proven and recognized as significant deterrents to the spread of airborne pathogens. They offer high-quality protection against all airborne diseases, not just COVID-19. These masks have been used for decades, offering medical professionals the highest protection levels for all types of deadly aerosolized pathogens.

For healthcare professionals, frontline workers, and people with high profile exposure to the public, these masks are considered vital and integral for personal protection while at work. NIOSH Certified N95 Mask or medical grade 3 Ply Mask usage has been recognized as a powerful deterrent against such contagions as ebola, avian flu viruses, SARS, plague, and many more pathogens.

Isolation Gowns

For frontline healthcare workers and all workers in the health field, having a full line of PPE can be essential in ensuring they are protected from the particles of COVID-19 infected patients. Science has now proven that COVID-19 has an incubation period where patients can be infected and not know it. Additionally, a significant number of people get infected and never show any symptoms while the virus runs its course. Because of the virus’s asymptomatic aspect, taking extra special precautions can be vital even for people who work even in standard healthcare offices and dental offices.

In the past, nursing staff and doctors treated patients in isolation as highly infectious and therefore donned PPE every time the entered a patients room that was in isolation. Signs outside the door to the patients’ room would indicate whether there were contact precautions or airborne precautions. That is why healthcare professionals are accustomed to wearing isolation gowns. Today the use of isolation gowns has expanded to just about every healthcare worker in a medical facility. They use a disposable or launderable isolation gown to cover their personal clothing to offer better protection against transferring the virus or other pathogens to other patients or other areas within the medical facility. Disposable isolation gowns are a great inexpensive alternative that has long been used in intensive care and in the surgical field. These disposable gowns are easy to use, comfortable, and a vital first-line defense for all types of healthcare workers. The SPM Medical Level I and II Isolation gowns are a great example of an affordable high quality Iso gown that is cost effective and highly protective.

The Electrostatic Sprayer

For professional medical offices, clinics, dental offices, physical therapy offices, nursing homes, and senior assisted living facilities, the use of an electrostatic sprayer has become a powerful frontline defense against COVID-19 spread. These devices can neutralize COVID-19 on all types of surfaces and are the perfect solution for disinfecting topical surfaces without spending hours trying to reach all the surfaces in a room.

The electrostatic sprayer comes in various sizes. They are all mobile and even easily transportable, allowing health care offices and facilities to ensure all of their surfaces and entrances are disinfected rapidly and effectively during and at the end of each day. Disinfecting hospitals and medical facilities using an electrostatic sprayer offers a higher level of disinfection than standard manual methods that would typically involve buckets, rags, and spray bottles. The fine 40-50 micron mist of the Electrostatic sprayer ensures even coverage and the electrostatic technology ensures that the disinfectant spray wraps around the edges and back side of the target surfaces. A total room disinfection can be completed quickly and efficiently at any time to ensure COVID-19 on surfaces are killed.

Selecting a Disinfectant

Choosing an effective disinfectant is a key part of this solution. SPH Medical’s Noroxycdiff has a 2 minute wet dwell time kill of viruses, and spore forming bacteria like Clostridium difficile. Noroxycdiff has an EPA approval and validation to kill 99.9999% of C. diff spores which is the most difficult pathogen to kill in the hospital environment, much more difficult than COVID-19.

Because the demand is high for all PPE supplies, many medical facilities find it challenging shopping around for a consistent wholesale PPE supplier for all their protective gear. Many medical facilities increasingly choose to make bulk buys of the N95 mask and 3 Ply mask face coverings, isolation gown supplies to ensure they have enough.

If you are looking for a consistent source of NIOSH Certified N95 face masks, 3 ply face masks, isolation gown supplies, or an electrostatic sprayer device for your medical or dental facility, SPH Medical is an authorized distributor for Makrite NIOSH certified N95 masks and a wide variety of PPE products. They are a commercial supplier of 3-ply surgical masks, air powered lateral transfer matt, single patient use items, and PPE supplies. They ship directly anywhere in the country and have a full line of COVID-19 disinfection and protective gear solutions for large and small hospitals, surgical centers, medical and dental facilities.

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