Reducing Risk and Improving Outcomes

Safe Early Mobility
The RoWalker improves outcomes and reduces patient falls.
  • 400lb capacity
  • Seat flaps that rotate up and out
  • Oxygen Tank
  • IV Pole Holder
  • Basket for Monitor
  • Ambulation harness
  • Height Adjustable padded table
  • Comfortable adjustable hand grips

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Breathable Sheet for Repositioning
  • Prevent Pressure Ulcers and Reduce Injuries
  • Use for Boosting, turning, and transfers
  • Safe for patients' skin
  • Pressure mapping validation
  • Single Patient Use
  • 1000 lbs up to 1250 lbs capacity
  • Universal lift compatibility

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Improve Safety with the EPD!

  • Used in L&D, OR's, pain management centers and outpatient surgery worldwide
  • Improved speed and accuracy of placement
  • Perfect positioning of patients
  • Improve patient safety
  • Reduced risk to staff when positioning patients
  • 600 lbs capacity
  • Powered and manual options

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Safe Lateral Transfers
The AirPal Single Patient Stay transfer pad provides the safest transfer possible
  • Improve staff morale and efficiency
  • Dramatically reduce staff injuries (MSDs)
  • Reduce worker’s compensation costs
  • Increase patient comfort
  • Enhance infection control
  • Lower cost per patient
  • Ideal for OR, Imaging, ED, ICU, Med Surg, and compatible with all manufacturer air supplies
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EVADrive is Here!
The EVADrive is the safest patient lift available today and provides:
  • Power Drive
  • Elimination of push-pull forces
  • Reposition patients up in bed
  • Turn with heavy patients in tight spaces
  • Also Available as an upgrade kit
  • 600lb and 450lb lifting capacities
  • Long life Lithium Ion battery
  • Over 220 slings and accessories
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Hospital Risk Assessment
The Risk Assessment is a process of evaluating a hospital or patient care environment for possible hazards that may present a risk of injury to staff or patients. Our unique assessment process is based upon best practices developed by the VA and years of experience working with hospitals to reduce injuries.
Overhead Lift System Design
SPH Medical combines the clinical understanding of patient care and Safe Patient Handling best practices with the experience of overhead lift system design. We develop the appropriate solution optimizing the functionality of the lift system to address a wide range of patient care tasks.
Turn-Key Installation
With 10+ years in the industry, our experienced design and installation team provides complete end-to-end design construction and structural engineering services with OSHPD submittal package development to expedite the installation of your patient lift systems.
Return on Investment
Over the past 10 years research from the VA Patient Center of Inquiry, OSHA, NIOSH, and many others has confirmed that the implementation of a Safe Patient Program offers considerable cost savings and a tangible Return on Investment. The benefits can be realized in several key areas.

Halo Disinfection – Data tracking with iPhone

  16 May 2017    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment

The leading total room disinfection system just got even better! The Halo Fogger now has the capability of tracking data.   The Halo Fogger is known for being the most effective total room disinfection system available today .  Using a proprietary 5% Hydrogen Peroxide solution that is combined with .01% Silver to create a powerful […]

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SPH Medical releases state-of-the-art Sheet for Repositioning

  09 May 2017    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment

The new SPH Medical PositioningSling disposable is changing the way hospitals lift, move and transfer patients! Nurses continue to be injured during boosting and turning patients in bed.  Nurses have been looking for a convenient tool that allows them to perform these tasks without having to apply and remove it every time they need it.  Other […]

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  09 Jun 2016    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment

See our advanced disinfection solutions at the APIC Conference June 11-16 SPH Medical Solutions will be on site at APIC 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina sharing information about our products and how they reduce infections and improve patient outcomes.  Be sure to stop by our booths: Halosil and the Halo Fogger Booth #1435 MoonBeam 3 UVC Disinfection Technology – Daylight Medical Booth […]

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Early Patient Mobility update

  17 May 2016    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment

The RoWalker is now the leading ambulation and mobility aid selected by ICU Nurses and Physical Therapists across the country.  After hundreds of trials and evaluations, leading Magnet hospitals, teaching hospitals, and more have selected the RoWalker to support their patient mobility programs.    What are the staff saying about the RoWalker? The seat flaps […]

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C. diff is hazardous to the financial health of hospitals

  06 Jan 2016    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment

The Halo Disinfection System is a cost-effective prevention strategy Clostridium difficile, one of the most common and hard-to-treat healthcare-acquired infections (HAI), sickens nearly half a million people a year in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; 29,000 of them die from the disease contracted in hospitals or long-term care facilities. […]

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Before you pick a hospital, ask about its HAI rate

  30 Nov 2015    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment

HaloMist disinfection system kills C. diff, MRSA Consumers might choose one healthcare system over another because it offers great technology—or convenient, patient-friendly services like private rooms. We might pick hospitals that have stellar surgeons and exceptional outcomes. In the near future, we could very well be basing our choices on which health systems have the lowest Hospital-Acquired […]

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Early Patient Mobility gains momentum

  11 May 2015    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment

Are you mobilizing more patients in the ICU today than you were a year ago? We asked this question of 20+ hospitals over the past 30 days and the answer may (or may not) surprise you. 100% of the ICU’s that were surveyed said yes! Many of the hospitals said that the increase was due […]

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October 2014 – Infection Prevention Bulletin: Ebola has arrived

  01 Oct 2014    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment


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CAL OSHA AB1136 – Cost effective compliance now

  30 Sep 2014    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment

SPH Medical is helping hospitals all across California comply with the new Safe Patient Handling regulations that take effect October 1st, 2014.  Under the new regulations, the appropriate assistive solutions must be accessible and available for staff to use them when necessary.   “By offering hospitals a low cost entry point to stock par levels […]

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CAL OSHA implements regulations for Safe Patient Handling Law October 1st

  06 Sep 2014    Posted by sphmedicaladmin    Leave a Comment

CAL OSHA has approved the regulations governing AB1136 – The new California Safe Patient Handling Law.   Here is a copy of the draft regulations.  Hospitals now face a deadline of October 1st, 2014 to be in full compliance with these regulations.  Some hospitals have commented that even though they thought they had a program, […]

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About Us SPH Medical is a leading provider of Safe Patient Handling and Early Mobility solutions designed to help facilities and caregivers address the high risks tasks of manual patient handling. Additional areas of focus include helping facilities reduce Hospital Acquired Infections and Pressure Ulcers. Our mission is to eliminate adverse events and improve patient care outcomes through the products and services we provide. SPH Medical offers the broadest and most comprehensive safe patient handling equipment portfolio in the industry. This broad spectrum of solutions and injury prevention consulting expertise provides you with a single source for all your lifting, transferring, repositioning, bariatric, raising, and patient mobilization needs.