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Protect Hard Surfaces from Covid-19

BP2 In Use Coronavirus

Protect Hard Surfaces from Covid-19

How to Protect Hard Surfaces from Covid-19 CoronaVirus

According to the Los Angeles Times, Deep Cleaners are in high demand ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, cleaning companies have been inundated by calls from schools, businesses, nursing homes, police departments and the like to get a deep cleaning done of their facility.

Partly because of civic responsibility, but just as likely to avoid future liability problems, businesses, schools, nursing homes, grocery stores, pharmacies and the like, (essentially those elements of society who are considered essential and remain open and require some or all of their employees to report to duty unless sick,) want to make sure that a worker who is required by their employer to work during this time doesn’t go to work, contract Coronavirus, and then turn around and sue the business because they failed to protect their customers or their employees.

covid-19 virus

What kind of deep cleaning?

One of the questions that business owners are asking is what level of staff protection, and disinfection will most protect them from COVID-19 and give their employees and customers the confidence to work on a daily basis. The next question is what will businesses have to do going forward to ensure that their workplace is safe on a continual basis?

Here, the CDC guidelines are not of much use. While the CDC guidelines talk about wiping down surfaces, using soap, water and bleach and the like, as the LA Times article previously mentioned made clear, there is no official government regulation defining what deep cleaning means.

One thing a business must do, and this is heart of this article, is to follow the CDC’s guidance that you clean with an EPA registered disinfectant.

There are 351 EPA approved chemicals to disinfect against the Corona germs, and one of the most important to many companies such as SPH Medical, is Noroxycdiff.

SPH Medical uses a three step process that goes beyond CDC recommendations including using EPA validated Disinfectants, and that includes using an antimicrobial surface protectant that provides a lasting kill effect against pathogens.

The steps are Clean Disinfect Protect. We clean everything first. By definition only pre-cleaned surfaces can be disinfected. Then we disinfect with EPA approved disinfectants like Noroxycdiff which is also safe for food service areas (important for restaurants). Lastly we go beyond CDC guidelines by spraying a surface antimicrobial treatment that provides a residual killing effect against COVID-19, as well as other viruses and bacteria.

Noroxycdiff Infection Prevention

What is Noroxycdiffand how does SPH Medical use it to deep clean?

Noroxycdiff is a chemical that has been EPA approved for antiseptic procedures SPH Then, for step three, we use Penetrexx. Penetrexx is an EPA registered anti-germ and Antimicrobial cleaner which is used by many hospitals. It is tough on germs and the antimicrobial properties keep germs and bacteria from regenerating. This provides the residual/lasting killing effect and is effective against viruses, bacteria and more.

Depending upon availability, SPH Medical uses either Noroxycdiff or HaloMist in their total area disinfection services. Both Noroxycdiff and
HaloMist have EPA kill validations on pathogens much more difficult to kill than COVID-19. Each disinfectant has its advantages which are discussed with every client to optimize every unique area being disinfected.

How do we apply these chemicals?

At SPH Medical we use two approaches, either an electrostatic spray of the the chemical, or the better method, which involves sealing the room with plastic, and using a Halo disinfectant fogger.

Both methods are extremely functional as compared to the standard spray and wipe techniques used by other cleaning companies.

As the pandemic virus has shown to last on surfaces for several days at a time, merely wiping and cleaning doorknobs and other surfaces with bleach, not only just spreads germs around, but it misses many surfaces which our fogging methods do not.

SPH Medical Total Room Disinfection

Electrostatic sprayers emit a fine charge that makes the biostatic cleaning solution stick to surfaces, while with the Halo fogger a fine mist is sprayed throughout the room which attaches itself to many surfaces never even touched by traditional spray and wipe services.

How long does it take before our employees can re-occupy their workspace?

Using electrostatic sprayers and our disinfectant solutions not only can SPH Medical finish faster, but employees can re-occupy their workspace quickly.

You and your employees simple vacate, we put on hazmat suits and spray. It typically takes around 10-15 minutes to spray and then another 15 minutes to ensure the chemical has dried. These biostatic chemicals do not interfere with people’s health in any ways so if the spraying is done at night or early in the morning, employees will never know it’s happened till you inform them.

With the Halo fogging method, it does take a little longer, because before fogging we completely seal off every room with plastic to keep the chemical completely in the air until it settles on surfaces.

It not only takes longer for our technicians to seal off each room, but it takes around two hours for each room to be fully “vaccinated” so to speak. So again, we recommend you schedule your spraying or your fogging after work, at night, or on weekends for minimum disruption of your business.

How long does a SPH Medical fogging of spraying last? Under normal circumstances, you can plan on your fogging or spraying to give you a solid three months of protection.

The bottom line

This pandemic has reached world-wide levels like no other recent pandemics have. Everybody is in a general panic over it, and until levels of the pandemic slow down, most companies, schools, and governmental offices will be on lock-down.

In most of the country, only essential businesses are open, and social distancing is highly recommended. Those businesses that are open want to make their employees feel safe, and companies want to ensure there is no blowback from the pandemic in the form of lawsuits that you did not do your due diligence to protect everybody.

Contact SPH Medical Today ate 1-844-377-4633 ext. 710 to schedule a facility wide COVID-19 disinfection.