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The UV box eliminates 99.995% of Coronavirus

UV Box - Phone Disinfection

The UV box eliminates 99.995% of Coronavirus

The UV box

Social distancing is in place throughout the country to control the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). States such as California and New York have enforced a shelter in place ordinance to ensure the creation of a slower spread of COVID-19. We now need to provide adequate protection for those who continue to battle exposure while caring for their local communities.

The N95 Masks has played a major role in preventing the spread of COVID-19. The demand for this item can be contributed to its dual service in the public and professional arena. Rightfully so, we are all seeking protection for the same contaminant. This demand has created a shortage in need of a solution. Any effective Personal Protection Equipment available should be immediately provided to hospitals, ambulatory services, law enforcement, and all emergency personnel required to combat the spread of this deadly virus.

covid-19 virus


All effective Personal Protective Equipment must now be employed. Not only to offset the shortage of necessary items such as the N95 masks, but the employment of any solution available is the opportunity to save a life today. Every layer of protection will assist in decreasing the number of those affected by this deadly virus.

The next area of concern should be our emergency personnel who must continue to avoid exposure of the coronavirus while on duty. Hospitals top the list of most vulnerable employees to the spread of this easy to contract life-ending virus. There is a shortage of N95 Masks eliminating a public level of protection from this immediate danger. The difficult task of meeting the demand of the N95 Mask has now been addressed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) who have now begun to distribute this item from their reserve to most needed states. The President of the United States has been confronted by local officials requesting him to put in place the Defense Production Act which would spark the manufacturing of Personal Protection Equipment to offset the shortage. Governor Cuomo of New York has weighed in by sharing details of a scenario that included the rise of prices as states attempt to secure the much needed N95 Mask. Until that time when officials decide their method of meeting national coverage for an emergency that threatens the life of all and leaves none unaffected, the AUVS SPHKR615L The UV Box provides safety to the most crucial components of our solutions, emergency personnel. With the highest percentage of protection, 99.995% elimination of contaminants on cellphones, tablets, and small medical devices, the UV Box creates sanitary coverage for items needed not only for immediate assistance but survival.


Although mask-wearing is not a priority at home, hand washing at home and on the job are mandatory. The one thing we all have in common is our cellphone and tablets. We handle these items constantly and should consider options to ensure they are clear of the virus as well. An item in need of spotlighting would be the UV Box. This equipment protects from the virus by eliminating contaminants from cellphones, tablets, and small medical devices. Electronics are an extension of our hands. We are living in an era where these items are subject to as much exposure as we are. This box can be operated emergency personnel in addition to public visitors arriving at these areas for service.

Consider the cleaning of hands in medical facilities and the use of an electronic device immediately thereafter. Cleaning of counters, doorknobs, and switchboards are necessary. Yet, without complete elimination of virus particles still present on all the elements we constantly touch, other methods can prove ineffective. Just wiping cellphones, tablets, or medical devices with alcohol or Clorox based solutions will not ensure complete elimination of virus presence. A unit offering UV light technology gives assurance of 99.995% decontamination within 60 seconds.


While regrouping to secure the main items needed, such as the N95 mask, putting in place just as effective methods can permanently sustain a clean environment. Until such time as production increases for similarly needed protection, other items eliminating virus exposure should be considered. AUVS KR615 The UV Box is a small and affordable method to equip hand washing stations for staff and patients. It is movable and can be carted to new locations when necessary. Durability tops the list as this item has the lifespan of 50 years when cared for appropriately.

For emergency personnel to prove effective, all equipment needed to ensure their safety should be a top priority. Unfortunately, AUVS KR615 The UV Box is not immune to high demand. Consideration of these items should include a purchase time table which can precede the increase in present cost. For life-saving protection offered, the UV Box should gain immediate, national employment with an increase in manufacturing levels enforced. All lives depend upon these necessities.

SPH Medical is a key supplier of N95 Masks and critical COVID-19 PPE to Healthcare facilities to protect our frontline caregivers so that patient care can continue safely. Contact SPH Medical to let us know how we can be of help to your hospital or healthcare system in any way.