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Air Transfer Systems in the Hospital Setting

Single Patient Use Air Transfer Mat

Air Transfer Systems in the Hospital Setting

Anyone working in healthcare is already well aware of the countless hazards that nurses and other professionals have to expose themselves to so they can provide quality care to their patients. From physical injuries to the risk of disease and infection, medical workers truly put themselves in the front lines for the good of the general public. Every piece of equipment that makes healthcare professionals’ jobs safer and easier is a valuable asset. SPH Medical’s Air Transfer Systems are an innovative transfer mat that’s making the lives of nurses and other physicians’ lives easier, allowing them to go home at the end of the day without dealing with pain or injuries.

Of all the patient handling tasks that are performed in hospitals, lateral transfers are among the riskiest maneuvers. For inpatients, transfers from surface to surface happen multiple times every day. Each additional transfer increases the likelihood of something going wrong and a nursing injury occurring.

To make matters worse, manual transfers often don’t involve enough caregivers to safely move the patient from A to B. What ends up happening in many cases is the use of improper tools like a draw sheet, sliding the patient from bed to gurney with a plastic board underneath. It doesn’t take an expert to understand that this method doesn’t eliminate nearly enough friction to create a comfortable – or safe – experience for anyone involved.

Single Patient Use transfer mats are a simple yet highly effective way of modifying the lateral transfer process to eliminate safety hazards in myriad hospital departments. This includes the ICU, the ER, Surgery, Medical units, Imaging, and countless others.

There were an estimated 294,000 nonfatal work-related illnesses and injuries experienced by hospital workers in 2014. These injuries and illnesses come with a steep price tag for hospitals, putting all the more pressure on administrators to take every possible action to avoid them and protect their employees.

Fortunately, the trend for hospital workers being injured or getting sick on the job has been steadily declining amongst all healthcare industries for the past several years. This good news is likely due to the increased adoption of innovative new equipment like these Single Patient Use transfer mats.

Still, protecting healthcare workers’ safety is crucial because a federal safe patient handling law has yet to be enacted. The only states that have enacted safe patient handling laws or related rules and regulations are California, New York, Ohio, Texas, Washington, Maryland, New Jersey, Minnesota, Illinois, Rhode Island, and Missouri.

A Company Committed to Safety

The main focus of SPH Medical as a company is minimizing the risks that caregivers are exposed to. Their product lines provide innovative new ways to reshape medical practices in a variety of areas and create a safer environment for the professionals working in this field. It’s imperative that the safety of healthcare workers is protected to enabled them to better carry out their jobs of caring for everybody else.

Why Single Patient Use Air Transfer Systems?

The Single Patient Use transfer mat is disposable and thus removes the risk of infections being transmitted in the hospital setting. This includes infections spreading both patient-to-patient and patient-to-physician.

Using a new transfer mat every time also eliminates the risk of a mat wearing down over time and becoming defective. All it takes is one faulty transfer mat to result in a serious repositioning injury, so these Single Patient Use mats eliminate this possibility altogether.

Benefits to Patients

The most important benefit to patients is one that they might not appreciate in the moment unless they’re in the unfortunate situation of things going wrong: safety. When used properly, these types of transfer mats make things go so safely and smoothly that patients are often not even thinking about the potential risks that they’re avoiding.

Those who are on the receiving end of these transfer mats will be able to feel the difference as well. With a design that has the patient in mind and quality materials that are up for the job, Single Patient Use lateral transfer mats make a world of difference in the comfort level of their experience.

The New Air Transfer Systems

Air Transfer Systems are the most innovative and safe method of transferring patients from surface to surface. Using an inflatable mattress, a thin air cushion is created beneath the patient to reduce the amount of friction and smoothly transfer them into a bed or gurney. The result is a weightless experience for the patient, so much so that they’re said to be “floated” from one surface to the other.

Air Assisted Transfer Systems have various applications; from lateral transfers to repositioning bedridden patients. With patients who are unable to move on their own, it’s crucial that they’re repositioned regularly to avoid sores and other health problems. With the help of these new technological innovations, nurses are able to stay as safe as possible while doing these daily work tasks.

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