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Reduce Nurse Injuries from Repositioning with Air Transfer Systems

SPU Breathable Air Transfer System

Reduce Nurse Injuries from Repositioning with Air Transfer Systems

Are you a healthcare facility or hospital caring for patients that are total care or dependent patients that require extensive boosting turning and transferring? Are nursing and hospital staff workers continuing to be injured from patient handling tasks with no end in sight? Now is the time to make a change to dramatically reduce nurse injuries risks using the SPH Medical Air Transfer and Positioning System. SPH Medical, a global leader in the area of Safe Patient Handling offers the current gold standard of Air Powered Transfer and Positioning Systems. This SPH Air Transfer Mat uses a cushion of air that flows through the Air Mattress and out through tiny holes on the underside of mattress to virtually eliminate friction on the surface below, resulting in an effortless ability to boost, turn, or transfer a patient.

The SPH Medical Air Transfer and Positioning device is the latest industry leading technology that reduces patient-caregiver risk of injury and improves efficiency. With multiple material types and sizes in a variety of widths and lengths, the SPH Medical Air Transfer Systems is used throughout Medical Centers to address a variety of patient handling tasks.

How it Works

The air-powered Lateral Transfer Device is the manufacturer’s design to address traditional challenges of patient handling posed by existing devices in the market. Its functionality is bent towards reducing injuries to patients and caregivers.

A powered air supply accompanies the SPH Medical Air Transfer Mat and Positioning Systems via a hose. The motor injects air into the mattress from the bottom, which holds the patient gently and delicately. The perforated Mat with tiny air holes that let out air effectively creates air cushioning. This cushion reduces the pressure needed to transfer patients.

With your force cut down by 90%, your typical strain reduces for the caregiver attending numerous patients. Unlike the familiar four caregivers or more needed for some procedures, your patient needs one or two nurses.

Transfer Mattress Materials and Specifications

Air Powered Lateral Transfer Device is made of a nylon twill material with a four-way flex fabric. This durable material comes with an antibacterial coating on the patient’s side.

The standard length of a Single Patient Use Air Transfer Mattress is 78″ with widths of 24″, 28″ 34″, 39″, and 50″. Other features include:

  • The SPH Air Transfer mat is compatible with most air supply or motors already in place
  • A safe working load of 450kg/1000lbs.
  • Enables compliance with Safe Patient Handling policies and programs.
  • Bariatric patients from 700-1000lbs can utilize two motors for maximum friction reduction and airflow.

Benefits of Friction Reducing Devices

  • They are easy to use.
  • Fewer Caregivers Required – You need two caregivers to complete the transfer rather than 3-4.
  • Easy to implement and train staff.
  • Reduction injuries to patients and caregivers, including reduction in severity.
  • Documented reduction in workers compensation costs.
  • It is an efficient tool in managing the caregiver’s time.
  • It is the most comfortable and safest transfer method for all patients.
  • Its material is machine washable and dry-able.
  • Economical and cost-effective
  • Significant improvement in staff efficiency and morale.
  • SPU Air Transfer and Positioning offers enhanced infection control.

A Consideration for success:

The SPH Medical Air Transfer System Air Supply and Mattress must be accessible and available. Ensure that the system components are stored locally on the unit so that staff have ready access to them. Include Housekeeping and Environmental Services in your Safe Patient Handling program to ensure that beds are made with the Single Patient Use transfer Mattress so it is available for immediate use. This removes a major step in the process so nurses don’t have to turn a patient to get the Air Transfer Mattress underneath the patient!

Who Should Buy a Single Patient Use Air Transfer Systems

Whether you are a Nurse Leader, Rehab Director, Surgeon, or Imaging Tech, you want to see Safe Patient Handling best practices being used throughout your facility especially on the total care patients that can’t move themselves. For this reason, we recommend that the following areas should consider having access to the SPH Medical Air Transfer and Positioning System.

  • Hospitals with Medical Units and Intensive Care Units
  • Any inpatient unit that has dependent bed-bound patients
  • Health care facilities with MRI, CT, and Radiology departments
  • Surgery Departments
  • Nursing facilities and palliative caregivers
  • Spinal Centers
  • Ambulance service providers

Varieties of Air Powered Lateral Transfer Devices

The SPH Medical Air Transfer Mat is available in two material types:

Single Patient Use Transfer Mats. This Single Patient Use version is designed to be used during a patients’ entire length of stay and is then disposed of. Assigning a Mat to a single patient ensures that there is no cross-contamination between patients. The Single Patient Use version is similar in design and performance to the launderable or reusable version except that it will not be laundered.

A few key benefits of the Single Patient Use Air Transfer Mat version are breathability and inventory management. The material and construction of the Air Transfer Mat allow moisture to be transmitted through the Mat so that the Mat can remain under patients for prolonged periods. Breathability is a key advantage for the SPH Medical Air Transfer Mat which makes this technology readily accessible to nurses when boosting, turning, or transferring is required. When ordering the Single Patient Use version the inventory and availability of the SPU Air Transfer Mat is easily managed. Weekly and Monthly ordering follows and therefore tracks actual usage which documents that risk avoidance has occurred.

Reusable Transfer Mats. The reusable Air Transfer Mats are washable and include a one-year warranty and will generally be used for many years. Hospitals must consider the cleaning and disinfection of the the SPH Medical Air Transfer Mat between patients to reduce the risk of infections. The laundry process should be evaluated to determine how many reusable Air Transfer Mat’s you will need to meet all the daily patient repositioning and transfer tasks that will take place. Laundry system turnaround plays a key factor in determining inventory needs.

Other Repositioning Alternatives

You will find other devices in the market such as:

  1. Repositioning Sheets
  2. Slide Sheets
  3. Tube Style Slide Sheets
  4. Draw Sheet
  5. RollerSlide
  6. EasyGlide Ovals

While these alternatives have their share of use in the Patient Handling procedures, SPH Medical’s Air-Assisted Transfer and Positioning System is highly preferred by caregivers. This preference is due to the myriad of ergonomic advantages listed earlier. SPH Medical offers this proven technology to boost, turn, or transfer patients safely and efficiently improving patient throughput in busy hospital departments like surgery and imaging.

How to buy the Air Transfer and Positioning System

At SPH Medical, we offer you the latest Air Transfer and Positioning System to maximize safety for both the patient and the caregiver. The Single Patient Use Air Transfer Mattress is your go to solution for rapid reduction in workplace injuries and offers you measurable benefits in patient comfort, staff and patient safety, time management, and ease of use.
For more information about the SPH Medical Air Transfer and Positioning System and to discuss the cost savings impact to your organization, please contact us.