Air Powered Transfer and Positioning System

The SPH Medical Air Powered Lateral Transfer System is an industry leading product to keep patients and caregivers safe across the globe. The range of widths sizes offers a complete solution for your hospital safety program with the highest possible quality control backed by a manufacturers warranty and education from the experts in Safe Patient Handling.


The Air Powered Lateral Transfer System mattress is attached by a hose to the air supply or motor that inflates the mattress, comfortably cradling the patient, while constantly forcing air to the bottom, which is designed with many small air hole perforations. Once fully inflated, the air released through the holes, creating a cushion of air (similar to that of an air hockey table), that reduces the sheer force required to start moving a patient from one position to another. This greatly reduces the effort by up to 90% and overcomes the problem of the repetitive strain that a caregiver faces when moving multiple patients during the day. They can effortlessly move the patients with only one or two staff personnel, where normally it would take 4 to sometimes 8 to complete the transfer.


They are more transparent than the patient when it comes to being radiolucent. The Transfer Mat can continue to provide comfort while allowing staff to reducing injury risks from pulling or lifting a patient. This is a tremendous benefit to CT techs and X-Ray techs that are handling high volumes of patients that are physically unable to transfer by themselves. Staff prefer to use the Air Transfer System to increase patient comfort and improve the efficiency of the patient transfer process.

SPH Medical has over 15 years of experience implementing Safe Patient Handling programs that include Air Transfer Systems across the country, reducing risk of injury to caregivers, and improving patient outcomes. SPH Medical offers the complete range of Air Transfer solutions including durable and single patient use solutions coupled with our local onsite education to ensure the success of each hospital program.

Contact SPH Medical to discuss your specific needs and How an Air Transfer and Positioning System can benefit your patients and staff.


The Reusable and Disposable Air Powered Lateral Transfer System comes in a variety of widths and two lengths. Both offer an extended service life while featuring the engineered fabrics that are highly appropriate for use all patient contact surfaces and hospital environments. Reusable mats come with a one-year warranty.


It’s made of a very durable nylon twill material with a four-way flex fabric with the patient’s surface section treated with an anti-bacterial coating. The fabric is fully machine washable and machine dry-able.

Length: Standard 78″ Reusable Transfer Mattress.

  • 24″ width
  • 28″ width
  • 34″ width
  • 39″ width
  • 50″ width*

* We recommend Two motors for this larger sized Mattress.  One attached to the air port on either side of the foot end to maximize air flow and friction reduction.