Makrite FIT+ 4803 N95 Mask

Hospitals, clinics and medical organizations can trust the quality provided by Makrite Industries with each FIT+ 4803 purchased. All of SPH Medical’s NIOSH approved masks provide maximum protection yet remain cost-effective without comprising safety and protection from hazardous airborne particles. Protect yourself today with Makrite FIT+ 4803!

Introducing the Makrite FIT+ 4803 N95 Mask, the latest innovation in the industry of protective face masks. Manufactured by Makrite Industries, a global leader in the production and distribution of NIOSH approved N95 masks, this product has been designed with the safety and wellbeing of healthcare professionals in mind.


Makrite is continuously innovating and developing new products to meet the needs of customers worldwide. SPH medical is excited to offer our new line of surgical N95 respirators, including three recently approved by NIOSH. The new surgical models are the Fit+4803, the Sekura-X, and the 9603 and the small version 9603S. The Makrite FIT + 4803 N95 Mask is a Surgical N95 Respirator with flat fold which is a common style used in hospitals today. This horizontal style allows it to fit easily to many face types and offers plenty of extra breathing room.

The Makrite FIT+ 4803 N95 Mask is a healthcare-grade air filtration device.  Of course it is certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). It is scientifically designed with unique features to provide user comfort and breathability.

Makrite FIT + 4803 N95 Mask Features:

  • Dual Elastic Headbands
  • Blue Color with Surgical Rating
  • Comfort Fit
  • High Density Nose Foam design provides a secure seal
  • New TPE head straps reduce pressure on the nose bridge and
  • TPE head straps offer an anti-slip function
  • Easy to carry as the 3 panel design means it folds flat
  • Low breathing resistance
  • NIOSH and FDA Surgical N95
  • ASTM F1862, Synthetic Blood Penetration: 160mmHg

Manufactured by the market leader in medical protective equipment, Makrite Industries, the FIT+ 4803 is a horizontal style N95 mask that offers advanced levels of protection while still providing maximum comfort. And this mask conforms to your face and creates a tight seal. This seal reduces leakage levels and retains high levels of particle filtration efficacy. It also features an adjustable metal strip across the bridge of your nose for added protection from particles entering from above.

Surgical Masks for Healthcare Workers

For nurses, doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare workers at the frontline of patient care, the Makrite FIT+ 4803 provides dependable respiratory defense against airborne diseases in any working environment. With superior fitting characteristics and comfortable elastic straps, you can trust in Makrite’s innovative design to keep you safe while you work tirelessly to make sure your patients get the care they need.

The FIT+ 4803 complies with NIOSH requirements for N95 masks. Its comfort fit style and design allows for an unrestricted line of site which is an especially important safety feature when caring for patients in any clinical setting. This advanced respirator is engineered to provide healthcare workers with maximum protection while ensuring maximum comfort throughout their shift. By choosing the Makrite FIT+ 4803 N95 Mask, you can trust that you are receiving the highest quality product available on the market today.

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