Universal PAPR Hood

  • One Size with an adjustable cord on the neck area to control airflow and allow size adjustment.
  • Cleanable for reuse
  • Universal Connectors available for 3M, Miller, RBP and Brunner.
  • Usable under the FDA Emergency Use Authorization Act. In process of NIOSH certification currently.
  • Production is at 5,000 PAPR Hoods per week with further production available.



SPH Medical is focused on delivering Safe Patient Handling solutions to healthcare facilities and that includes preventing staff injuries, infection prevention and improving patient outcomes. The Universal PAPR Hood is an innovative collaborative solution that helps nurses, Hospitals and ICU’s needing essential PAPR Hoods at a fraction of the cost of the original manufacturers’ equipment.

We are shipping the Universal PAPR Hood with connectors that allow the hood to be connected to the most popular PAPR systems on the market. Most of our connectors are in stock and shipping quickly. We also create new connectors to fit to your existing PAPR. We’ll just need a sample hood from you and we’ll create a new connector for the Universal Hood so that you can use it with your current systems.

We are shipping these to our hospital customers now.

Visit the CDC to learn more about optimizing use of filtering respirators.

From the CDC: Many healthcare practitioners are the least familiar with PAPRs. A PAPR is an air-purifying respirator that uses a blower to force air through filter cartridges or canisters and into the breathing zone of the wearer. This process creates an air flow inside either a tight-fitting facepiece or loose-fitting hood or helmet, providing a higher assigned protection factor (APF) than the reusable elastomeric non-powered air-purifying half facepiece (half mask) or N95 FFRs. A PAPR can be used for protection during healthcare procedures in which HCP are exposed to greater risks of aerosolized pathogens causing acute respiratory infections.

Please contact us for more information about the Universal PAPR Hood, Makrite products and the industry leading 9500-N95 mask.