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Protecting NICU patients from MRSA

Protecting NICU patients from MRSA

In a recent study published in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, Dr. Goldstein concluded that even if hospital workers practice perfect hand hygiene, MRSA can still spread among babies in the NICU.

Is this true?  Does handwashing not work?  According to the study, even with theoretical perfect handwashing compliance, the averaged risk of transmission is only reduced by 86%!

Acording to Dr. Goldstein, “We can follow hygiene procedures, use gowns or gloves as needed, keep a clean environment, not bring in possible fomites such as cell phones, watches, or jewelry, and be a watchdog for the hospital, requesting that healthcare workers do hand hygiene if we don’t see it being done”. “Outside the hospital, patients and parents can be more vigilant in requesting and using antibiotics appropriately so as not to give rise to antimicrobial resistant organisms. We’re all participants in infection control, not just the clinicians.”

The full study, “A Network Model of Hand Hygiene: How Good is Good Enough to Stop the Spread of MRSA?” can be found here.

The study highlights the necessity to disinfect mobile phones, tablets, jewelry and other small portable devices or personal items.  The new AUVS UV Box is the simple answer to this challenging issue.  in 55 seconds the UV Box achieves a 4 log kill of C. diff and MRSA!

Visit SPH Medical for more information about the AUVS UV Box, the Halo Disinfection System and other solutions to reduce risk of HAI transmission in healthcare facilities.

AUVS – Reduce HAI’s by closing the gaps

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