Implementing an Early Patient Mobility Protocol

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has published a facilitator guide for developing and implementing your own nursing-driven Early Patient Mobility Protocol.

Mobilize patients safely and prevent falls with SPH Medical’s RoWalker.

The powerpoint version of the facilitator guide can be found at on the RoWalker page.

The RoWalker is unique because it not only provides the platform upon which to build your early patient mobility program, it supports all of the equipment needed to mobilize a deconditioned ICU patient, challenging them to take more steps, and as a safety device it helps reduce the risk of patient falls.

The patient and family response to the RoWalker has been overwhelmingly positive.  We’ve received comments like “you were able to get my 90 year old dad up and walking and he was smiling” and also “the family liked it so much they want to take one home!”

Whatever stage your early patient mobility program is in, put the RoWalker to use and you will find staff more engaged and willing to get difficult patients up and walking while patients benefit from improved function, reduced fall risk and reduced length of stay.

Contact SPH Medical for more information about supporting your patient mobility goals.


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