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Early Patient Mobility update

Early Patient Mobility

Early Patient Mobility update

Early Patient Mobility happens with the RoWalker

The RoWalker is now the leading ambulation and mobility aid selected by ICU Nurses and Physical Therapists across the country.  After hundreds of trials and evaluations, leading Magnet hospitals, teaching hospitals, and more have selected the RoWalker to support their patient mobility programs.   

What are the staff saying about the RoWalker?

  • The seat flaps are one of the best features because now we don’t need to pull a wheelchair behind, the patient can rest frequently and they push themselves because the seat flaps are there to catch them.
  • Our mobility scores have increased on every floor with the RoWalker!
  • The accessories (O2 holder, IV pole holder and basket) are great! We use the basket for cardiac monitors, extra chucks, and disinfectant, and the IV pole holder eliminates having an extra person/hands to manage it and walk alongside.
  • The adjustable height platform is great, and it is good that it is not powered, so we don’t have to remember to plug it in.

What are some of the patients types, that staff are progressing using the RoWalker?

  • ICU, Med Surg, Neuro, Physical Therapy, etc…
  • Vent patients
  • Post CABG
  • Post Ortho Surgery ambulation
  • CVA / Stroke
  • Weakened oncology
  • COPD and other Respiratory
  • Neurological (MS, TBI, Parkinsons,etc…)

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