Makrite 9603S Surgical N95 Respirator

SPH Medical is proud to introduce the revolutionary Makrite 9603S Surgical N95 Respirator, perfect for healthcare professionals such as nurses and doctors who require a smaller mask. This respirator has undergone intensive research to reduce leakage rate, so your protection never compromises. With an ergonomically M-shaped nose foam, you can ensure a secure seal with minimal pressure on the bridge of your nose. The new TPE head straps prevent any slippage in duty hours. Finally, the Makrite 9603S is NIOSH and FDA approved as a Surgical N95 Respirator to guarantee reliable performance when protection matters. Invest in optimal safety technology with Makrite 9603S today!


This is the new Small version of the 9603 Surgical N95 Respirator, called 9603S, with it’s own NIOSH TCA number.  The Makrite 9603S Surgical N95 Respirator is the state of the art for surgical respirators.  It compliments our range of surgical respirators and offers a fit for smaller faces. This version provides superior protection for healthcare workers, nurses, and doctors by delivering a secure and reliable seal. Our mask has been specially designed to fit most facial sizes and shapes, with low breathing resistance for improved breathability and comfort. What sets us apart from other competitors is the fact that our product has undergone rigorous testing for Synthetic Blood Penetration to confirm its approval as a surgical respirator by both the FDA and NIOSH. Your safety is our utmost priority when it comes to manufacturing our respirators – be sure to trust the quality and reliability of Makrite 9603S.


  • This is the small version of the 9603
  • High density nose foam allows for an ideal seal and comfort fit
  • New TPE head straps are non-slip and minimize pressure on the nose bridge
  • The ergonomic design fits most face shapes while offering optimal comfort
  • Improved low breathing resistance allows better extended use over long shifts
  • NIOSH Approval TC-84A-9459
  • NIOSH and FDA Surgical N95
  • Synthetic Blood Penetration testing:  160mmHg, ASTM F1862, ISO22609

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