SPH-XT3 Professional Electrostatic Sprayer

Primary Use

A self-contained electric sprayer perfect for hospitals, clinics, medical/dental offices, businesses, and schools. The XT-3 is a durable work-horse sprayer with pressurized stainless steel tank, and twin-line air and liquid hoses. It is compatible with SPH Medical’s complete line of Disinfectants and antimicrobial surface protectants.

Product Features:

• Durable, heavy-duty design for large jobs
• Standard 100 ft hose, up to 250 ft optional
• Large, 3-galon tank
• Convenient dolly design for easy transport
• Compatible with any SPH Medical water-based


Product Specifications


The SPH-XT3 Professional Electrostatic Sprayer Nozzles a 1 nozzle spray wand. Air Supply Yes Included. Electricity Required 110v, 10 foot electrical cord 220v is available upon request. Liquid Container Type 3 gal tank (11.4 L). Dimensions 42″H x 18″W x 24″L (1.07 m x 0.46 m x 0.61 m)

Hose Length 25 feet, standard | 75 feet, optional. Spray Range 8-12 foot range (2.4-3.7 m).


  • 87.5 lbs, empty | 112.5 lbs, full

Flow Rate

  • 2 gal/hr (7.57 L/hr)

Additional Options

Up to 45 feet of hose can be added at purchase, for a maximum length of 75 feet. Stainless Steel Available.

Contact us to learn more about our SPH-XT3 Professional Electrostatic Sprayer disinfection systems, 2 minute kill disinfectant, and antimicrobial surface protectant with residual kill effect against viruses and bacteria.