Makrite 9603 Surgical N95 Respirator

SPH Medical unveils the new the Makrite 9603 Surgical N95 Respirator, a revolutionary new addition to Makrite Industries’ world leading portfolio of N95 masks. As part of the new line of NIOSH approved Surgical N95 respirators, the Makrite 9603 offers healthcare workers, nurses and doctors an ultra-comfortable fit with an improved seal around the nose that ensures maximum protection during long shifts. Drawing on their years of expertise in manufacturing high quality respirators, the team at Makrite has engineered this model with state-of-the-art technology to create a design that is both highly effective and remarkably comfortable. The new construction and fit ensures that users are getting the best seal they can possibly have while using the mask, improving protection from incoming particles or droplets. The Makrite 9603 Surgical N95 Respirator has passed rigorous testing to be sure it complies with stringent industry standards to receive Surgical N95 approval. With this approval you know you are getting a mask that is durable, dependable and safe to use. So make sure your healthcare staff has the best protection with the all new Makrite 9603 Surgical N95 Respirator – offering them peace of mind on those long shifts in taking care of patients!


The Makrite 9603 Surgical N95 Respirator is the latest in NIOSH-approved N95 mask technology.  It has been tested and proven to meet the highest standards of protection for healthcare workers. Manufactured by Makrite Industries, the global leader in N95 masks, this new respirator offers several new advanced features.  As such it sets a new standard for safety and ease of use. After extensive research and development, the Makrite 9603 Surgical N95 Respirator offers improved fit and comfort. And because of this improved comfort nurses, doctors and healthcare workers can confidently stay protected during long hours on shift. With the Makrite 9603 Surgical N95 Respirator your healthcare staff will benefit from a state-of-the-art mask that meets and exceeds the stringent guidelines for personal protective equipment established by NIOSH.

The Makrite 9603 Surgical N95 Respirator is the best of its kind in NIOSH-approved safety and comfort. This new respirator was inspired by the proven excellence of the Makrite model 9500-N95 mask. And now and promises superior security to healthcare staff working on the frontlines. Get reliable protection with the proven reputation of Makrite’s advanced design technology today.

Makrite 9603 Surgical N95 Respirator Features:

  • An adjustable aluminum nose clip allows for an individualized perfect fit
  • Ergonomically shaped nose foam offers a better seal
  • New TPE head straps are non-slip and minimize pressure on the nose bridge
  • Head straps offer anti-slip
  • The ergonomic design fits most face shapes while offering optimal comfort
  • Improved low breathing resistance allows better extended use over long shifts
  • NIOSH Approval TC-84A-9462
  • Synthetic Blood Penetration testing: 160mmHG, ASTM F1862, ISO22609

SPH Medical is proud to present the new Makrite 9603 Surgical N95 Respirator, an advancement in NIOSH approved surgical respirators for healthcare workers. Developed and tested rigorously, this respirator has undergone extensive research and development from an esteemed team at Makrite Industries. The familiar blue color prominently displayed on the mask is an indication of its elite surgical rating, meaning it’s been specifically designed to protect against liquid droplets. The design of the 9603 Surgical N95 Respirator is optimal for comfort and safety, providing users with increased protection from airborne particles as well as improved breathing performance. Healthcare workers deserve only the best when it comes to their respiratory solutions – choose Makrite’s 9603 Surgical Respirator and feel confident in both your safety and your comfort.

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