The UV Box is helping Fight COVID-19

Hundreds of hospitals are using the UV Box to fight Coronavirus by disinfecting Phones, Tablets, EKG Leads, and yes even N95 Masks.  The UV Box Disinfects 95 Masks and more.  With the extreme shortage of PPE impacting our frontline caregivers it is important that healthcare facilities develop strategies to properly decontaminate N95 Masks for safe reuse by their caregivers.

N95 Mask Rapid and Thorough Disinfection

One proven technology has risen to the top of accessible and affordable disinfection solutions for N95 Mask disinfection.  The AUVS KR615 Germicidal Enclosure otherwise know as the UV Box.  The success is due to the short disinfection cycle of 55 seconds and the high level of disinfection that occurs to any object within the box achieving 99.995% disinfection.  Visit the CDC website to read about decontamination of disposable respirators during the Covid-19 pandemic. The UV Box disinfects N95 Masks thoroughly and effectively and is your best choice for rapid mask or mobile device disinfection anywhere.

Watch the new UV Box N95 Mask Disinfection video:

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Makrite N95 Mask

As an authorized distributor for the Makrite N95 Mask SPH Medical understands the global shortage of N95 respirators and is here to help in any way it can. We distribute essential PPE to hospitals, nursing homes, regional healthcare facilities, essential manufacturers, and anyone in need. Contact us to learn more about the Makrite N95 Mask and the UV Box N95 Disinfection.

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