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SPH Medical UV Box and Disinfection Services – Newsweek’s Best

Newsweek Best in Healthcare-2020 - The UV Box

SPH Medical UV Box and Disinfection Services – Newsweek’s Best

SPH Medical: UV Box

The UV Box (KR615) Germicidal Enclosure delivers up to 99.995 percent disinfection of MRSA and C. diff and up to 99.999 percent disinfection of the norovirus as well as more than 250 times the energy needed to disinfect the coronavirus, all in just 55 seconds. The UV Box is used to clean cellphones in hospital settings.

Nominated by hospital users, The UV Box has been named a “Best Infection Prevention Product” by Newsweek and The Leapfrog Group. Evaluation of each product based on:

a) Effectiveness
b) Safety (for patients and health care workers)
c) Successful real-world implementation
d) Company stability

Today the UV  Box by SPH Medical is the most effective disinfection device used throughout hospitals, healthcare facilities, and now every business is considering using it.  Yes, hotels, Airports, Ambulance companies, dentists, restaurants, schools, office buildings and more are adding the UV Box to their disinfection strategy.  Why the UV Box?  Here’s what our customers are saying about 55 second disinfection  with the UV Box:

  • Hotel customer:  It’s fast and easy and ensures that all our mobile devices for hotel staff are COVID-19 free.
  • Dentist office: We’re using the UV Box to disinfect masks, phones, and tablets.  It’s an important part of our disinfection plan to protect our patients.
  • Ambulance Company:  We have N95 Masks that need to be rapidly disinfected in addition to hand held radios and cell phones.  The UV Box by SPH Medical is the perfect solution.
  • Hospital Customer:  We implemented the UV Box on every floor of our medical center over a year ago so we were well prepared before COVID-19 hit but today we’re adding them in even more places to provide total coverage in our hospital.  Any visitor to our facility will wash their hands and disinfect their mobile device at the same time.

The UV box has been selected time and time again by leading health systems, small businesses and large to provide rapid validated disinfection up 99.995% in 55 seconds.   ECRI Institute evaluated this category of devices and found that the UV Box was the best value for effectiveness, size, and efficacy.   Please contact us for more information and a copy of the evaluation results and extensive 3rd party testing that validates a high level of rapid disinfection.

More about N95 Mask Disinfection:

As presented on the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) website – the ECRI recommends doses over 59mj/cm2 for disinfection of N95 masks using a Countertop UV Disinfection System.
The UV Box’s output of 200mJ/cm2 exceeds both the ECRI and Nebraska Medicine Protocols for disinfection of N95 respirators.

Deep Disinfection of N95 Masks:

Based on The UV Box’s dosage and the large interior size of its chamber, it can be used to disinfect N95 Masks. While the standard, pre-timed cycle of 55 seconds is appropriate for most items, a Deep Disinfection procedure for N95 masks has been introduced. The Deep Disinfection procedure is to run masks through 5 consecutive disinfection cycles (approximately 5 minutes).

SPH Medical helps businesses develop and implement disinfection and infection prevention strategies using the years of experience and expertise gained from disinfecting hospitals and healthcare facilities. Our service team provides on demand COVID-19 disinfection services and are on the front lines testing all available technology to determine practical application and value to our clients.  Our hands on experience disinfecting critical environments allows us to recommend and implement manageable daily, weekly, and monthly protocols that help businesses demonstrate safety and confidence to their customers that the business environment is safe for them to come back to visit.

Please contact SPH Medical now to learn more about the UV Box, our COVID-19 Disinfection Services or any of the technology that we use on a daily basis.

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