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The Science Behind Halosil

HaloMist™ Disinfectant Fogging Solution

First EPA registered disinfecting fogging formula for whole room disinfection.
Halosil’s HaloMist is a ready-to-use fogging formula used with the HaloFogger to deliver the correct concentration and contact time for treating all of the exposed surfaces within a room. A no wipe, no rinse product, HaloMist delivers touch free disinfection at a 6-log kill rate against C. diff spores.


A Multi-Faceted Killing Mechanism


How Halosil works

Halosil combines hydrogen peroxide and How Halosil Works - formula-2silver synergistically, releasing highly reactive free radicals that immediately begin to attack the cell membrane of the targeted microorganism. This weakens the cell and allows the silver ions to enter. Together, the silver and hydrogen peroxide destroy the microorganism by:

  1. Attacking and disrupting the cell membrane.
  2. Binding to the enzymes causing denaturation. This incapacitates the energy source of the cell causing rapid death.
  3. Binding to the DNA to stop replication.


During the process, hydrogen peroxide decomposes into water and oxygen gas, which creates a highly toxic environment for anaerobes. This completes the active disinfection process.

When used on surfaces, Halosil Disinfectant requires no rinsing. Halosil itself decomposes into water and oxygen. Halosil contains no chlorinated or brominated ingredients.


The Halosil Formula is Unique, yet Brilliantly Simple


Halosil Proprietary Technology – Complex, Synergistic Chemistry

Halosil technology harnesses the true, oxidizing power of hydrogen peroxide by infusing it with our proprietary oligodynamic (anti-microbial activity of minute quantities of metallic ions) technology. During this intricate process, the hydrogen peroxide is stabilized and boosted with silver ions. The result is a radical fluid architecture that is capable of destroying a broad spectrum of microorganisms including pathogenic bacteria, viruses, yeast fungi and protozoa.

Halosil formula-3-lg

Watch the Halo video to learn more!