SPH Medical is a leading provider of solutions focused on reducing risk of injury to patient handling staff, and reducing hospital acquired infections and pressure ulcers. By offering clinical education and consulting services combined with the latest technology in assistive solutions we are helping facilities and caregivers address these areas of risk within their facilities.

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SPH News

The Importance of N95 Masks

Importance of N95 Medical Masks for Healthcare Workers, First Responders, and General Public The US authorities through the Center for Disease Control, CDC, have recommended using N95 medical masks to offer the highest level of protection against the quickly spreading omicron variant. Initially, the CDC had recommended that the N95 medical masks be used only by medical workers. Still, due to the surge in infections by the omicron variant, the CDC...

SPH Medical Epidural Chair improves Safety

Epidural Positioning Trends and Spinal Block Safety

The Epidural Positioning Chair Improves Safety The Epidural Positioning Device (EPD) is used to help patients get an epidural injection. The design is intended to improve the safety of these procedures by reducing the risk of accidental dural puncture and increasing comfort for patients. It does this through its four-point support system, which stabilizes a patient in a seated position during their procedure with padded armrests, face support, chest cushion, and...

Air Assisted Transfer System Makes an Immediate Impact on Injury Rates

Obesity rates are increasing at an alarming rate, with over 42% of adults in the morbidly obese spectrum. This increase in weight nationally causes a direct strain in healthcare industry, where healthcare workers' risk of injury while at work increases significantly. An air assisted transfer system makes an immediate impact on injury rates and accidents. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nurses, attendants, orderlies, and nursing attendants call for more...

Nurses Select Air Transfer Systems to Improve Safety and Patient Care

Nurses Are Becoming Increasingly At Risk For Workplace Injuries Now more than ever, there is a shortage of nurses. Many older nurses are hitting retirement age, and the COVID virus Pandemic has not been kind to these figures either. More nurses are needed, and fewer are available. This issue is correlating unfortunately well with other directly related topics. Patients are getting much heavier, and States are legislating to mandate safety programs...

Improve patient safety with EPD

Epidural Chair Solves Spinal Block Positioning for OR

Are you looking for a way to keep your patients and hospital's medical staff safe? Do you want to lower the risk of injuries while helping patients get better faster? The epidural positioning chair may be the answer. Known as the Epidural Chair or the Epidural positioning device (EPD), the EPD is being used in hospitals and surgical practices to enhance patient safety. The device provides secure and comfortable, stable...

The Ongoing Need for Nitrile Exam Gloves and N95 Masks

During the pandemic, hospitals and medical professionals couldn't access enough supplies to properly care for the huge flood of patients. Protective gear like N95 masks and nitrile exam gloves were in short supply, putting doctors, nurses and sick patients at higher risk. These essential supplies are still needed in greater quantities today with hospitals struggling to find enough to keep their staff safe as the pandemic continues. N95 Masks N95 masks are...

Air Transfer System and Epidural Chair by SPH Medical

Safe Patient Handling in Perioperative Areas

While Stanford University researchers looked for data on epidurals for pregnant obese women, they found a stunning statistic. Seventy-one percent of all pregnant women get an epidural or other spinal anesthesia, an increase of 10 percent over a ten-year period. Recent advancements in technology allow the SPH Medical Air Transfer System and the Epidural Positioning Chair to help anesthesiologists and nursing staff implement safe patient handling to improved outcomes. Enhancing Safe...

Single Patient Use Air Transfer Mat

Air Transfer Systems in the Hospital Setting

Anyone working in healthcare is already well aware of the countless hazards that nurses and other professionals have to expose themselves to so they can provide quality care to their patients. From physical injuries to the risk of disease and infection, medical workers truly put themselves in the front lines for the good of the general public. Every piece of equipment that makes healthcare professionals' jobs safer and easier is...

SPU Breathable Air Transfer System

Reduce Nurse Injuries from Repositioning with Air Transfer Systems

Are you a healthcare facility or hospital caring for patients that are total care or dependent patients that require extensive boosting turning and transferring? Are nursing and hospital staff workers continuing to be injured from patient handling tasks with no end in sight? Now is the time to make a change to dramatically reduce nurse injuries risks using the SPH Medical Air Transfer and Positioning System. SPH Medical, a global...

Single Patient Use Air Transfer Mattress

Top 10 Questions about Single Patient Use Air Mattress

Across the globe, the SPH Medical's Air Transfer System (ATS) keeps patients and caregivers safe. We provide a full range of widths and lengths to suit your hospital's safety program with the highest quality control, backed by a manufacturer's warranty and safe patient handling education. Performing patient transfers, repositioning up in bed, turning from one position to another is a daily task for nurses.  Even though it is routine and...