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What is Halosil?

Halosil is a patented formula made from a unique blend of hydrogen peroxide and silver. It is ideal for surface disinfection, total room disinfection using the Halo Fogger, and water treatment.

Is Halosil EPA registered?

Yes. Halosil is EPA registered for surface disinfection and for a total room kill of C. diff spores using the Halo Fogger (EPA Reg No. 84526-1 and 84526-6) and water treatment (EPA Reg No. 84526-3 and EPA Reg No.84526-4).

What makes Halosil different from other hydrogen peroxide biocides?

Halosil is a patented, ready-to-use formula that blends hydrogen peroxide and silver. Haloosil produces the only EPA registered formulas with this blend. Hydrogen peroxide is the oxidizing agent and the silver adds a broad-spectrum anti-microbial element to this unique formula. A complex blending process stabilizes the H202 while amplifying the anti-microbial action ten-fold delivering a formula that behaves completely different than its original ingredients. The result is a radical fluid architecture, a multi-faceted killing mechanism against pathogens, with an extended storage life of greater than 1-year.


Halosil Disinfectant Spray for surfaces

Why is using Halosil better than wiping?

Wiping spreads germs from surface to surface increasing the chances of cross contamination. Sanosil requires no rinsing and no wiping. Simply spray and walk away. Therefore, Halosil is the preferred disinfectant for pre-cleaned surfaces and supplemental room disinfection.

What organisms does Sanosil kill on surfaces?

Click here for a list:  Sanosil Halo Mist Kill Summary

Does Sanosil kill H1N1 Swine Flu Virus?

Yes. Halosil is independently tested and approved to kill the H1N1 Swine Flu Virus. Halosil is also effective against mutating viruses because it works in three ways to kill microorganisms. Other leading disinfectants kill in only one way making them ineffective against mutating viruses.

On what surfaces can Halosil be used?

  • Toilets, countertops, sinks
  • Door handles
  • Toys
  • Sports equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Treadmills
  • Saunas
  • Furniture
  • Magazines
  • and much more

Watch the Halo Video to learn more!

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