SPH Medical is a leading provider of solutions focused on reducing risk of injury to patient handling staff, and reducing hospital acquired infections and pressure ulcers. By offering clinical education and consulting services combined with the latest technology in assistive solutions we are helping facilities and caregivers address these areas of risk within their facilities.

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Cost Savings

ROIOver the past 15 years research from the VA Patient Center of Inquiry, OSHA, NIOSH, and many others have confirmed that the implementation of a Safe Patient Program offers considerable cost savings and a tangible Return on Investment. The benefits can be realized in several key areas.

According to the American Nurses Association some of the benefits of a Safe Patient Handling program include but are not limited to the following:

  • Reduction in Nurse Injuries
  • Cost-Savings for Employers
  • Quality Patient Care
  • Improved Patient Mobility
  • Increased patient and family satisfaction


An Excerpt from the ANA Website:

[quote]Costs associated with occupational injuries are often more than most realize. As worker injuries decline, both direct and indirect costs associated with these injuries decrease. Cost-benefit analyses have shown that assistive patient handling technology successfully reduces workers’ compensation and medical treatment costs for musculoskeletal disorders (Collins & Bell, 2003; Garg, 2003; Nelson et al, 2003; Owen & Fragala, 1999). Savings are viewed as a function of eliminating indirect costs such as time for investigation, lost work days, loss of productivity, modified duty time, replacement of injured employees (turnover), education and training of new hires, liability costs from possible patient injury, overtime pay to those covering shifts and workload, and other operational costs. Case examples have revealed that employers have saved tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars after implementing a safe patient handling program (Collins, Wolf, & Hsiao, 2002; Fragala, 1995; Nelson, Fragala, & Matz, in press).[/quote]

SPH Medical provides a Return on Investment analysis that incorporates more than just the impact on direct medical costs. Our team of consultants can show you how the implementation of a sustainable Safe Patient Handling program can reduce costs associated with the following: Most programs achieve break-even within 12-36 months.

  • Staff Injuries related to manual patient handling
  • Severity of injuries
  • Lost work days
  • Modified duty days
  • Direct medical costs
  • Indirect costs associated with staff injuries
      • Accident investigation
      • Supervision time
      • Staff morale
      • Team break up
      • Overtime pay
      • Modified duty cost
      • Nurse replacement
      • Training costs
      • Administrative time
      • Loss productivity
      • Litigation
      • Med-Mal settlement costs


SPH Medical will develop a customized Return on Investment Analysis for your hospital as part of the Hospital Risk Assessment. Please contact us to speak with an Injury Prevention Consultant to discuss your situation and to schedule a Risk Assessment.  See the Services page for more information about the Hospital Risk Assessment.