BinaxNOW COVID-19 Card Rapid Antigen Test – POC

The BinaxNOW(TM) COVID-19 Ag Card is a covid 19 test kit made of disposable test strips, dispenser, sterile swabs, extraction reagent and both positive and negative swabs. This kit is designed for anterior nasal samples, which should be taken by a medical professional. This test is a lateral flow immunoassay that is designed for the detection of the nucleocapsid protein antigen from SARS-CoV-2 in direct anterior nasal (nares) swabs from patients that are suspected to have COVID-19 or identifiable symptoms within 7 days of detection.


BinaxNOW Covid Tests Kits

BinaxNOW COVID-19 Card Rapid Antigen Test also comes with two disposable swabs to be used as negative and positive controls for the test strips. With a total of 40 cards and 7.5 mL of extraction reagent included in the kit, it provides a significant amount of flexibility in analyzing multiple samples. It’s important to remember that each COVID-19 Ag card must be used once only and cannot be reused.

BinaxNOW™COVID-19 Ag Card

Abbott’s BinaxNOW is a Covid-19 test kit that acts as an antigen test that detects proteins from the Covid-19 virus in respiratory specimens taken from nasal swabs. It is intended to be used by medical professionals or staff that have been trained to perform lateral flow tests. If your test comes back positive, you may be infected with COVID-19. Alternatively, a negative test result indicates that no Covid-19 viral proteins were found in your sample. This Covid-19 test detects nucleocapsid protein from nasal swab specimens using extremely sensitive antibodies.

Understanding the Test

The Covid-19 rapid test kit is used for detecting the presence of SARS-CoV-2 from nose swabs done on patients. The antigen-based test kit contains all of the components needed to test for traces of SARS-CoV-2.

Supplies Provided for the Test

  1. 40 test cards.
  2. 40 sterile, single swabs for specimen sampling
  3. Bottle that contains 7.5 ml of extraction reagent.
  4. Positive control swab.
  5. Negative control swab.
  6. Product insert.
  7. Procedure card.

Test Procedure

  1. Hold the extraction reagent vertically above the top hole and slowly add six drops on the swab’s top opening
  2. Insert the patient sample into the bottom hole and push upwards until it is visible in the top hole.
  3. Rotate the swab shaft clockwise three times.
  4. Close and seal the card. After 15 minutes, one should be able to read the findings.

Note: For BinaxNOW swab controls, hold the extraction reagent vertically above the top hole and slowly add eight drops on the swab’s top opening. After that, proceed to follow instructions 2-4 of the specimen test procedure.

Specimen Collection and Handling

The health provider should only use the swaps contained in the kit. Insert the whole swab’s tip and rotate it circularly on the nasal wall five times or more. Repeat the same procedure in the second nostril. The nasal swabs should be tested as soon as possible. If not, put the swabs in a clean, unused plastic container labeled with patient information at room temperature. However, if testing delays for more than an hour, the sample should be discarded.

Results interpretation

A blue line will emerge on an untested BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card at the control line. However, it will be replaced by a pink/purple line, indicating that the sample has flowed through the test strip the reagents are functioning. Two pink/purple-colored lines will appear on a positive specimen, indicating that the Covid-19 antigen has been found. Similarly, a single purple or pink control line at the window’s top section shows the absence of Covid-19 antigens.

Quality Control

In good laboratory practice, positive and negative controls are recommended to check if the reagents are functional and the test is done appropriately. The package contains positive and negative control sterilized swabs. These swabs provide one with a record of the overall test.


Covid-19 testing will be critical if people have to resume their everyday lives. The BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card makes a Covid-19 test easier if a healthcare provider suspects you have the virus. The processes of testing have now been made easier and faster with this improved testing technique.