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SPH Medical offers customized Mobility Protocol and Assessment Tool integration services to support your hospitals mobility program.  The patient mobility program is an interdisciplinary approach to reforming patient handling practices, improving clinical outcomes and decreasing costs.


The following program overview provides your facility with the general steps of SPH Medical’s Patient Mobility Program to provide direct training, materials, and management services to assist your facility in customizing, implementing and supporting a sustainable patient mobility protocol.

SPH Medical will:

  • Supervise the internal development, management & implementation of mobility assessment tool
  • Supervise of mobility assessment tool champions and Interdisciplinary Mobility Protocol Team
  • Direct internal documentation, promotions, equipment identification & communications.
  • Advise the Interdisciplinary Mobility Protocol Team meetings and timeline plans
  • Supervise and perform equipment leader and staff training and education
  • Supervise the Implementation of protocol including but not limited to, equipment level, selection and use in daily patient care practice
  • Provide hands on bedside training and ongoing management support services

SPH Mobiliy Program Benefits include:

  • Risk Reduction & Injury Prevention
  • Reduction in lost work days
  • Reduction in patient falls
  • Patient & Staff Satisfaction increase
  • Ability to mobilize patients safely and early
  • CA AB1136, State or National compliance,
  • Reduced Education Costs
  • Proven success

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